New Contest!

I find myself with an extra copy of Catherine Chapman and Paul Hughes-Barlow’s “Beyond The Celtic Cross”. This book is too good – it cannot just sit around, it needs a new home! Enter the idea to hold a contest!

This contest is open to everyone – US and overseas. What I need from you are headlines – yes, headlines! Blog headlines, to be precise. Pick a Tarot related topic, and make up a headline. Make up as many headlines as you want!

Submit them to me at:

I will be accepting submissions until April 30th. I will choose the winning headline, and contact the person who submitted it for shipping information.

Hope to hear from many of you!


(c) April 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

2 comments on “New Contest!

  1. berthevansoest says:

    I will make a Dutch one, maybe I improve chance that way! 😉

  2. Berthe:

    I will consider you entered into the contest! 🙂


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