We Are Here – Love Never Dies

We Are Here –
Love Never Dies

Author: Jane Smith Bernhardt
Burnham Press
ISBN #978-0-615-34131-6

Jane Smith Bernhardt is a professional portrait artist, author and performer. In her work, her focus is on using creativity as a vehicle for human transformation. She is a graduate of the Guild For Spiritual Guidance, and has spent years in training in spiritual guidance, meditation and energy healing.

Within a very short time period Bernhardt lost her father, her children’s father, and her step-mother. Prior to her father’s death, they had spent a great deal of time one spiritual studies, including the works of Dr. Raymond Moody (“Life After Life”), Yogananda, Thomas Merton and Thich Nhat Hanh. Jane’s first thought on her father’s passing was that he went in his sleep, in a peaceful manner.

On the plane from where she lived on the east coast to her father’s home in California, Jane began to receive communications from her father. He assured her that he was in a good place, and that he was happy. His concern was that he never intended to leave his wife, Angelika (Jane’s step-mother) alone. He asked Jane to be there for Angelika.

Jane’s relationship with her step-mother has, at best, been an awkward one. Yet, she knows that she and her sisters need to be there for her. And she, Jane, will be the one to pass on communications from her father, Angelika’s husband of forty years. Angelika looks forward to the communications, and this forges a bond between her and Jane.

The book is written in the manner of a journal, with her father’s communications, Angelika’s responses, and Jane’s thoughts. One of her first thoughts was that she would only receive the one communication, the one she got while on the plane. Her father assured her that he would be able to continue communicating, which was the case.

A sample of the communications from Jane’s father right after he crossed over:

“Don’t worry about anything, Jane. I mean that. It’s harder to speak to you now. I’m kind of further along with this thing. It’s so beautiful … I really get caught up in it. I’m learning such wonderful things. It’s pur flight, and I’m becoming part of it … so wors are harder now. But I’m sending energy to Angelika, and they assure me that she won’t be alone. You know, we’re still together … that’s the amazing part.”

“Angelika, honey, you’ll be here soon. Don’t worry about it. It’ll be fine. I know that. And now you won’t be alone either. You’re never alone! That’s what I was starting to feel before I left … it was all so peaceful. The shifting is really pretty easy. You just let go. And they take care of the rest. I mean it. It’s just the way I hoped that it would be … only better.”

“Jane: I have assurance here that you’ll really be taken care of. All you need to do is focus on this work … and what great work it is! I’ll help too.”The communication continues on this way for some time. The Jane’s children’s father suffers an aneurysm, and is hospitalized in a coma. The messages that she receives from him are about his concern for his botched relationships with her and two of their three children – one of which is Jane’s from her first marriage. (He and Jane were married for eighteen years. After their divorce he remarried and started a second family.) He is in a coma for four weeks, after which he is conscious, and able to talk to his children. He mends his relationships, and then suffers another sever brain hemorrhage, which is fatal.

Right after her children’s father crosses over, Jane receives word that Angelika has peacefully crossed over.

Jane goes on with her work. While the messages from her father spoke of confirming the afterlife, hope, and angelic guides, the messages from her children’s father had been about the importance of forgiveness. At the end of the book, Jane states that the lasting lesson for her in all of this was that spiritual help is available to any of us at any time. There is a host of unseen spiritual helpers surrounding us, waiting to be called on.

The messages in this book are meant for all of us – it crosses the boundaries of culture, nationality and race, and binds us together as children of Spirit. It is a book of encouragement and reassurance, that there is an afterlife, that we can communicate with our loved ones, that thee is a reason for this life, and that we do have choice.

From her foreword: “Imagine that all things are possible in Love.”

© April 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

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