Happy Birthday, Tarot Elements!

Happy Birthday, Tarot Elements! This is the first anniversary of Catherine Chapman’s excellent site, Tarot Elements (tarotelements.com). I decided to do a reading to celebrate the occasion, using the Joanna Powell Colbert’s “Gaian Tarot” (gaiantarot.com).

I am using a three card Past/Present/Future spread, with the following cards drawn:

Past: Child of Fire (Page of Wands)
Present: Guardian of Earth (Queen of Coins)
Future: Two of Water (Two of Cups)

One of the definitions that Joanna suggests for the Child of Fire is that of student. This would be the case with Catherine, in a way, as she was both student and partner with Paul Hughes-Barlow in interpreting the reading that lead to their collaboration on their book “Beyond the Celtic Cross”, which was the impetus for setting this wonderful site up. It was time for something magnificent to happen in Catherine’s life, and it took the form of this site. Catherine has created a solid foundation for future work with her fiery energy, will and determination!

What an appropriate card for the present! This Queen nurtures and protects the seeds of wisdom that will grow from this site, and the financial stability that it will bring. My sense is that real time results are more important in the present than pie in the sky ideas. There is a plan to the way in which the site has been set up that will act as a solid base for future growth.

The future has a caring, compassionate feeling to it. Everything will be taken into account – Catherine’s needs, the site visitor’s needs, the need to share and teach, There is a deep heart connection between Catherine and the work that she is doing.

I look forward to watching Catherine, and Tarot Elements, grow into their own!

Happy Birthday, Tarot Elements!

(c) April 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

2 comments on “Happy Birthday, Tarot Elements!

  1. Thank you Bonnie – you’re a treasure!

    I love this reading, and the fact you used the fabulous Gaian Tarot, it’s beautiful and very fitting seeing as you know how special I feel this deck is.

    I loved the way the energy flowed amongst the cards, the elemental representation is awesome. Fire beginning it all, the impetus to begin, but then maturing into earth and stabilising as the plans for the future begin to take root and unfold; then finally and naturally moving into water, highlighting the connection between myself and my readers. How wonderful!

    Thank you Bonnie, did I say you are a treasure? 😉

  2. Catherine –

    It was a pleasure! What a wonderful birthday this is for Tarot Elements! Wishin you a year filled with joy and opportunities!


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