Taking Tarot To A New Level

“Beyond The Celtic Cross” is a book that I seem to keep going back to reread, just for inspiration! The section that I am currently looking at is the one on understanding the four elements. Basic stuff, one might say, but it does give one pause for thought.

The elemental associations that Paul uses are the traditional ones, with an Elemental Dignities overlay. From the book:

“Fire – Action

The Wands or Fire cards represent actions, deeds, and consequences of actions. Fire is hot, aggressive, dynamic and unstable.

Water – Emotions, Desires

The Cups or Water cards represent emotions and feelings. Wager is cold and passive.

Air – Thoughts, Problems

The Swords or Air cards represent thoughts and ideas. Air is hot, wet, divisive and unstable.

Earth – Practicality

The Disks or Pentacles or Earth cards represent practicality, business and money. Earth is solid, dry and cold.”He continues on to talk about paired cards of the same element. For instance, two Fire cards represent actions that bounce off of each other – but don’t go anywhere! Two Water cards will merge their energies, only to create a larger, more passive energy. Two Air cards create a great debate that remains sterile because neither energy is willing to make a change. Two Earth cards together basically sit thee and ignore each other. (I love that image! Earth is heavy in my chart, so I understand this scenario!)

Now we move onto three cards of the same element (remember to picture the cars in a linear fashion). Three Fire cards exhibit the energy of the two outer cards rushing the center card, which results is a tremendous amount of fiery energy that has nowhere to go! This energy then carries over onto the cards next to it – which Paul likens to an unstoppable chain reaction! Towering inferno – here we come!

Three Water cards result in the two outer cards merging into the center card – with absolutely nothing happening! Remember – Water is passive!

Three Air cards together allows the two outer cards to “talk” to each other, resulting in their being a ble to develop a new view about an issue or situation.

Three Earth cards together allows he two outer cards to work together, but they still retain their own identity, and are able to be supportive of the center card.

These small seeds of ideas give a reader room for that wonderful “Aha!” moment in their reading, where the whole thing comes together – or, at the least, begins to make sense in new and interesting ways.

This is only a small sampling of he wonderful wisdom graciously shared in this book!

© May 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

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