Message From the Universe

I had to do something so that I could play with the “Shadowscapes Tarot” (Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Barbara Moore). I decided that presenting a short spread might be a good idea (and that, hopefully, I could get the scans in right!). I used a spread from the “Shadowscapes Companion” book entitled Message From the Universe. It is a four card spread with the positions defined as: (1) Body, (2) Heart, (3) Mind, and (4) Spirit.

The cards drawn were:

1. Body – The Empress
2. Heart – The High Priestess
3. Mind – Death
4. Spirit – The Sun

Not only is this (unintentionally!) a spread dealing entirely in the realm of Spirit (all Major Arcana cards), but I appear to have lost my mind! Okay, okay – perhaps it just means that this logical Cappie needs to occupy some space other than in her mind.

The Empress appears in the position on Body. This position is defined as how the Seeker is taking care of their body, the way they think a bout it, the way they do (or don’t) honor it. The penultimate nurturer – the Empress is saying that the Seeker does take good care of themselves, and honor themselves (as best they can).

The High Priestess appears in the position of the Heart. This position is defined as how the Seeker protects their love, how they share their love, the role that they all emotions to play in their life. This Seeker is Blessed with intuition when it comes to expressing their emotions and showing love.

Death appears in the position of the Mind. This position is defined as how the Seeker uses their mind, the manner in which they think about and see the world, and the way that they approach problems. There could not be a more explicit answer here – the Seeker needs to let go of the way in which they think about and see the world. My own intuition in this case is that the way the Seeker approaches their problems is fine, even taking account that they approach their problems through the lens of how they see the world. LOL Looking for feedback (or backlash!) on this interpretation. Closing the door to the past is a large part of this interpretation.

The Sun appears in the position of Spirit. This position is defined as what the Seeker needs to know about their spiritual well being, how they can honor their spirit, or how they can allow spirit to fill their daily life. Hope, understanding, enlightenment, joy, confidence – all of these things are there for the Seeker.

The nature of a reading where there are a majority of the cards being from the Major Arcana is that is it in the realm of spirit. I feel that this is a time of transition for this Seeker – that they have put much work into their life, and that they are balanced in all areas of their life. Yes – some work is needed in the area of the Mind, but that work is supported by the other cards.

© May 2010 Bonnie Cehovet