Tarot Dynamics

Tarot Dynamics –
Learn to read any spread

Author: Anna Burroughs Cook
Kima Global Publishers
ISBN #978-0-9814278-1-2

“Tarot Dynamics” is a system developed by Anna Burroughs Cook, a Tarot reader/teacher with over thirty years of experience. (I think it is great that the system was named by her husband, Richard Crombie!) It is based on the use of five simple keywords, and can be used with any Tarot deck. The focus of this system is on relating the messages in the cards to day to day living, to the issues facing the Seeker, based on the characteristics of the five suits (the Major Arcana is seen as the fifth suit). The characteristics are as follows:

Major Arcana – Karma (cause and effect)
Wands – Change
Cups – Emotion
Swords – Challenges
Pentacles – Ambition

In her introduction, Cook advises students to memorize the characteristics for the five suits, and to develop their own keywords for each card, according to how they interpret the card. She also advises readers not to read for themselves unless they are in control of their emotions, and to not read for clients who are upset, as the reading will just reflect their anxiety. In reading for clients over the phone, Cook advises that the client draw their own cards from their own deck, with the reader interpreting them.

There is a short FAQ section answering questions such as: “Isn’t it supposed to mean something when the picture on the Tarot card is upside down?” and “All my cards are terrific. Why didn’t anything good happen?”

The cards are presented with black and white scans from the Universal Tarot (Lo Scarabeo). There is a short discussion of the cards, a section beginning “The more encouraging the situation” and a section beginning “The more challenging the situation” – these terms refer to the reason for the reading. There is a Tip for reading the card in a reversed position, a section entitled “card (number) means”, a section entitled “At your best”, which deals with the most positive aspect of the card in a reading, and a section entitled “Under more stressful”, which talks about a poorly aspected card.

The Major Arcana are seen as holding spiritual karma – they test, reward and replenish your strength of character. The Minor Arcana are seen as “telling the story” behind the Major Arcana’s headlines. The Court Cards for each suit are the King, Queen, Knight, Page and Ace. (Yes, Aces are seen as a Court Card. Together, these are seen as the first five cards of each suit.) Cook’s general thoughts on the Court Cards are as follows:

Kings: Trigger or enhance your personal initiative.
Queens: Display a particular charisma that can enhance your personal coping skills.
Knights: Are reactionaries. Knights indicate sudden developments in matters or your behavior.
Pages: Signal small matters with the potential to grow larger.
Aces – Signify an outcome – a Crisis or Reward.

The Pip cards – Two’s through Ten’s – are referred to as Subject Cards. They are the action in the Seeker’s life. The general definition for the subject cards is as follows:

Two’s – Interaction
Three’s – Thinking and Networking
Four’s – Incentive and Security
Five’s – Conflicts
Six’s – Your level of commitment.
Seven’s – Your personal and professional associations
Eight’s – Renovation
Nine’s – Your understanding
Ten’s – Achievement

The interpretation for the Minor Arcana is presented in the same manner as the Major Arcana, with one added section: Romantically, which deals literally with the area of romance.

At the end of the book Cook discusses the use of Signature cards (also referred to as Significators – cards that represent the Seeker in the reading), and timing in the Tarot. The spreads that are presented include One Card Personal Guidance, a Three Card Spread, the Tarot-Dynamic Celtic Cross Spread, and a Horoscope Spread.

The line of thought in this book is well presented. There are many things to consider, but the map is an easy one to follow. Even if you choose not to read using these guideline, you are offered a fresh perspective on the cards, and how they work in life.
Cook is developng a series of lessons to go along with this book, and will be placing them on her site – tarotdynamics.com

© June 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

4 comments on “Tarot Dynamics

  1. chergreen says:

    This sounds like an interesting system. Will have to check it out. I tried going to her website, but I guess she hasn’t got it up yet.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful reviews.

  2. Cher –

    No, the site is not up yet, but will be soon. I plan to keep track of it, as I think Anna will be putting up a lot of articles to expand her system. 🙂


  3. tarotbyarwen says:

    Truly intrigued by this. I’m doing some catch-up and re-reading on your blog. 🙂

    • Arwen –

      Anna has done some great work here! She will be on Donnaleigh’s “Beyond Worlds” this Sunday, so we all get to hear her in person (so to speak!). 🙂

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