Summer Solstice 2010

Five of Swords

Summer Solstice is here! June 21st – the longest day of the year, the shortest night of the year. A celebration of the Sun – the warmth of the Sun, its wonderful light (representative of our consciousness), and the gentle time between Spring planting and Autumn harvesting. Drawing one card for this day (from Kat Black’s “Touchstone Tarot”) – the Five of Swords.

Okay – Maybe I should put that back and draw a more positive one? LOL I’ve been reading for too long to fall for that trick! The times we are in are not easy ones (the Celtics did lose, after all – still working my way through that one!). In her companion book, Kat Black talks about an unfair fight bringing shame to all.

Her imagery shows a man standing on a beach, holding three swords. In the background we see two swords stuck in the sand. Two defeated figures kneel behind the standing figure, with a butterfly flying above them.

My take on this – as individuals, we need to choose our battles. We need to understand that there is honor in walking away, when that is the best choice. When a battle is necessary, we need to check in with ourselves, make sure we are coming from our authentic selves, and aim for a solution that works well for everyone, and allows everyone to save face.

For those of my readers that follow blogs, I would like to recommend four specific blogs that epitomize the nurturing energy, and the warmth and light of the Sun. These four ladies have so much to say, and so much to give – each in their own way. They are authors, artists and teachers in their own right. We are Blessed to have them in our path!

Here are my favorite ladies, and their blogs:

Joanna Powell-Colbert –
Lisa Hunt –
Beth Owl’s Daughter –
Kris Waldherr –
© June 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

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