Solar Eclipse Reading

Good things happened for me following the recent lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Tomorrow we will see a solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer – I am hoping to see good things here too! I chose my most recent favorite deck, the “Shadowscapes Tarot” (Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Barbara Moore), to do a reading with for this eclipse. The spread is one of my own making.

Honoring The Solar Eclipse

1. Where am I now? Four of Pentacles
2. What is being hidden from me? Nine of Wands
3. What do I need to know? Queen of Cups
4. What do I need to leave behind? Two of Pentacles
5. What do I need to manifest? The Sun
6. What energies can I call on to help me manifest my goals? Six of Wands
7. In what ways can I honor this eclipse as part of my life? Eight of Swords

I love the Dragonfly on this card guarding his hoard. I love the chameleons around him too – is not life filled with people and things of a chameleon-like nature? Okay, maybe I have lived too long and am a bit jaded! Where I am right now is at the end of a long road, and I do not want to give up what I battled hard to incorporate into my life. Ummm – I do need to note that some of this is currently excess baggage, which is no longer serving me well! I do need this solar eclipse badly!

What is being hidden from me – well, not really, but for all intents and purposes – is that I do have Guardians watching over me. They are being vigilant for me, so that I can actually let up a bit. Cappies have to look up t he word “fun” in the dictionary on a regular basis – they can never seem to remember it. 😉

This is such a lovely Queen! As Stephanie indicates, this Queen is poetry in motion. What a nice image to have for what I need to know! Deeply connected to Spirit, this Queen has a highly creative nature. I need to remember that I can easily nurture myself by accessing my creative nature.

I literally need to leave behind the balancing act! 😉 For so many years I have had to balance responsibilities, both at work and at home. This does take its toll, even though it is my nature to work, and then work some more! And the balancing act was voluntary. J I feel that I am being told to leave behind the need to be flexible and adaptable, and live my life to the fullest, according to my wants and needs.

What I need to manifest is the light and warmth of the Sun in my life. Whew! We are talking allowing myself to be self-confident, and to continue on the path of enlightenment. I need to grow into my person power and life the life that I am capable of.

What energies can I call on to help me manifest my Sun? My own inner knowing, and the inner work that I have done to date are the energies that I can call on to manifest my Sun. I need to believe that I can triumph, and triumph will follow.
In what ways can I honor this solar eclipse? By picking my battles! Do not waste energy on that which is not important. If a battle is imminent, or necessary, take a step back to evaluate my goals and the means to achieving them, always understanding that I am continually moving forward, even when it may not seem so.

© July 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

5 comments on “Solar Eclipse Reading

  1. Great Art! Great Writing, plus a winning prognosis — and I’m NOT “shining you on”, Bonnie! So definitely DO–“bring all the Sun in”
    Anna Cook

  2. alisoncross says:

    Hi Bonnie – beautiful deck! Great reading for you too. Knowing what battles to fight and which ones to ignore – that’s a skill 😀

    Ali x

  3. Ali –

    I tend to race out and fight all the battles – I need to focus, so that I don’t wear myself out! 😉

    I will say this – since the two eclipses, my life is definitely fast forwarding!


  4. Melissa Tarot says:

    This is great – thanks especially for the video links for Rachel Pollack. Outstanding. 🙂

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