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I recently did a review of the book “Tarot Dynamics”, by Anna Burroughs Cook (https://bonniecehovet.wordpress.com/2010/06/17/tarot-dynamics-2/) . I am pleased to say that Anna now has a companion site up at http://tarotdynamics.com/. Non-techie that I am, I am absolutely amazed at the opening page graphics (Catherine, where are you? You will love this!). The graphic is of five rows of Tarot cards, in the shape of a globe, moving in a circle. Being inquisitive, I clicked on one of the cards as it raced by – and it popped up in a readable size! How cool is that! In the right hand corner is the text “know more”, which I would imagine leads to a pop-up on the card, but the link was broken. Small detail to work out in this very cool site!

There is a section on “About Tarot Dynamics”, where Anna goes into exactly what the system is all about, including:

* Five basic keywords that cover the five categories, (Major Arcana, Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles) which comprise all seventy-eight card Tarot Decks.
* Five universal character traits, to define all twenty Court Cards.
* Eight short key phrases that unify and explain and purpose of Cards Two through Ten from any suit.
* Eighteen key points of memorization*, accompanied by definitions for all seventy-eight Tarot Cards that encourage rather than inhibit your intuition because YOU can relate to what they suggest.

There is a short section describing different types of Tarot decks (Anna advises readers to carry at least two decks with them), and a great section on the “Do’s and Don’ts” of Tarot reading. The best advice here? “Getting over yourself is the first step to reading the Tarot successfully.” Sounds like my sister – her motto is “Get over yourself!” What a thing to tell a workaholic Cappie!

Each group within the Tarot is presented: the Major Arcana (Function: Headlines, Keyword: Karma), the Minor Arcana (Function: To tell the stories behind the Major Arcana’s Headlines, Keywords: Change, Emotion, Challenge, Ambition), Court Cards, and Subject Cards (the Pips – cards 2-10 of each suit).

There is a tremendous amount of information already on this site, with an FAQ section, articles and more to come.
If you want to expand your understanding and use of the Tarot, this site is an excellent tool of empowerment.

© July 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

3 comments on “Tarot Dynamics Companion Site

  1. Oh Bonnie, thank you SO much for your endorsement of my new Tarot Dynamics Web-Site. Although the template isn’t fully functional at this moment, it will be later today (Friday July 23 2010). At that time viewers will be able to manipulate the globe and stop on any card they wish to see.
    As they say, “Reading IS Fundamental” and just for now, my site is covering is focusing on the more fundamental portions of the Tarot. Nonetheless, as you so wisely surmised there will be MUCH more to come as this “endless summer” eventually winds down into the Fall.
    Anna Cook

  2. chergreen says:

    Bonnie, Thank you so much for letting us know that this is up. It looks great. It looks like I’ll need to purchase the book to get the most out of this site, which it is on my wishlist.

    Card 45, Card 65, ect. Is there something extra added by counting the cards this way? Is it revealed in the book?

    I recently heard about counting cards. I think it was an interview with Beyond the Celtic Cross. Does this number system have to do with that. It sounded kind of complicated, but worth digging into.

  3. Cher –

    The site is great, and works well with the book. Anna’s system is not really called counting the cards. She takes the cards numbered in sequence, for easy reference. This is not the same thing at all as the counting system referred to in “Beyond The Celtic Cross”.

    Anna will have a beginners class on Sunday July 25th with Donnaleigh on Blog Talk Radio (Beyond Worlds). That should be very interesting! 🙂


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