Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th – okay, generally this day brings on at least a little uneasiness and angst. The number 13 itself is considered to be an unlucky number by most people. This is a day filled with superstition, and a day when many people just seclude themselves in their homes for the duration.

Let’s take a bit of a lighthearted look at Friday the 13th through the eyes of the Tarot. (And you don’t even have to leave home to do this!)

1. What is my emotional reaction to Friday the 13th?
2. What is my intellectual reaction to Friday the 13th?
3. How can I reconcile these two reactions (i.e. mind over heart)?

The cards drawn, From Zach Wong’s “Revelations Tarot”, were: Strength, the Eight of Cups and the Ten of Cups.

My emotional reaction is to take a deep breath, roll up my sleeves, smile, and act from my heart. There is nothing that will happen on this day that cannot be dealt with in any way other than with love and compassion. I have the inner strength to face this day – to face life.

Intellectually, I walk away from the troubles that this day can bring. I set aside the superstitions (and the emotions connected with them) and walk away.

To reconcile the conscious inner journey that is Strength, with my need to walk away from what is, I look for the innocence and joy inherent in this day merely as another day.

© August 2010 Bonnie Cehovet