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How We Can Use The Tarot – Show Notes:


1. Coming from a reading.
2. Connected with specific issues.
3. As a daily practice.
4. Connected with a specific card, or set of cards.
5. Connected with ritual/ceremony.


1. Writing about specific cards, to get to know them.
2. Writing about the process of doing readings.
3. Creating spreads.
4. Making notes on readings.


1. Using the Tarot to define the theme of a book/story.
2. Using the Tarot to define the characters in a book/story.
3. Using the Tarot to create conflict within a book/story.
4. Using the Tarot to move past writing blocks.
5. Writing to help resolve personal, inner conflict.


1. To get to know a card.
2. To obtain advice from a card.
3. To ask for help in resolving an inner issue.
4. Journeying to a specific place as part of ritual/ceremony.

As Part Of Ritual:

1. Connecting with or calling in specific Elemental energy.
2. Connecting with or calling in specific Archetypal energy.
3. Honoring a specific energy.
4. Requesting help from a specific Elemental or Archetypal energy.

Working With Archetypes:

1. Asking them to come into a reading.
2. Asking advice.
3. Working with Birth Cards.
4. Taking Archetypes into meditation.
5. Working with the Archetypes for healing purposes.

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