Healing Houses

Healing Houses –

My Work As A Psychic House Cleaner

Author: Sheldon Norberg

North Mountain Publishing


ISBN #978-09676231-6-0

In case you expect this book to be “Ghost Hunters Revisited” – it isn’t! Tune in on that little word “healing” – there you have the backbone of this book, and Sheldon Norberg’s work. Norberg trained at the Academy of Intuition Medicine for his Master of Intuition Medicine degree, a BA in Psycho-Spiritual Healing (a program of his own design) from San Francisco State University, has studied Chinese Medicine and Taoist energy practices, and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. In other words – he brings a lot to the table, as far as energy work goes!

I am going to begin this review by quoting Norberg’s dedication to this book, because it says it all:

“This book is dedicated to My Clients, without whose willingness

to confront the irrational, none of this could have happened.”

 Throughout the book Norberg retains a very humble attitude about his work – recognizing his skills and abilities, but also acknowledging that he realizes that most people, including himself, find them, and his work, a bit strange. Having worked in the Tarot world for many years, I understand the “glazed eyes” look coming over people when you talk about your professions (or even answer the very simple question: “What do you do for a living?”) It takes guts to continue to believe in yourself, and to continue to do the work.

In his preface Norberg talks about houses that simply don’t “feel right”. We have all visited houses like this – perhaps even had the misfortune to live in them. It has to do with much more than ghost activity – it goes to the core of the house, and sometime the land that it is built on. Norberg notes that his clients are high-functioning, serious minded people, and that they come from all walks of life. What they have in common is issues within the homes they ae living in – and the courage to address those issues.

In this book, Norberg’s stated purpose is to verify and clarify the reality of the energetic situations that we can find ourselves living in. In no way is it meant to be a “How To” manual for clearing and healing your house. What it will do is give you a better understanding of your house, and what may be going on with it.

One of the primary principles in this work is that energy follows thought. We are constantly receiving and transmitting energy signals, through our thoughts, emotions and actions. This energy can be trapped and held in the environment around us. When an energy pattern is not functioning well, we look to see where it has been compromised. One of the things that impressed me about Norberg’s work was that he asks his clients to fill out a form that gives him information about the house, the land that it is one, each person living there, and how they interact with each other. Ghost activity is the least of negative things that can be going on within a house!

We should know our own home, and we should trust our intuition about anything that may be going on. We need to allow ourselves to access our emotions, accept them, and see how they are affecting out environment. Norberg talks about grounding aura chakra’s, clearing space, and developing the tool of dreamtime. He talks about dreams that his clients have experienced that are really not their dreams, they are emotions left over from previous occupants of the house.

Norberg talks about energy signatures, and the house as an energy structure. This is another primary principle of his work, because the house needs to be grounded energetically. We really need to think about this – especially with houses where additions have been made.

Did you realize that we make contracts with the houses that we live in? The way Norberg explains it, we do. The more occupants a house has gone through, the more contracts there will be. If a contract with a specific individual/family is strong enough, it may over-ride the contract (or needs0 of the next family moving in. The house will do all that it can to fulfill the stronger contract – even though the individual/family no longer lives there.

In Norberg’s work he follows the history of the house, the land that it is on, and sometimes interactions with neighbors. All of this leaves an energy imprint on the house. He grounds the house, clears out residual energy, replaces it with positive energy, and generally does everything that he can to bring the house into alignment with itself, with the individual/family inhabiting it, and with the surrounding environment.

It is fascinating to read stories about the different houses that he has cleared, and their back-story. In one home a major issue was a tremendous tree in the back yard. It was a beautiful tree, but carried the energy of a young boy who had helped his father plant the tree, only to have his father die when he (the boy) was very young. The boy grew up, became responsible for his mother (who was house bound), and developed into an alcoholic. The tree was right outside his bedroom window, so as a young boy, and later as an alcoholic, unhappy man, the boy sent all of his emotions into the tree. It was amazing to read about this healing – which involved the house and the tree!

Psychic house healing is very serious work. I recommend anyone with an interest in energy healing in general, or in healing houses in particular, to read this book. You will walk away with a much clearer understanding of how we interface with our homes, and the contracts that we enter into with them.

 © August 2010 Bonnie Cehovet