Latest Shopping Trips

Interesting shopping trips lately. Sunday we went to the local grocery chain that we go to every Sunday – me for the Sunday paper, my mother for her main grocery shopping. I am going to name names here – because they deserve it. The store is in the Red Apple chain, and is located in Shelton, Washington. The lovely owners decided to do a massive revision – changed the entire store around – some of which was needed, some of which was not. Did they not think that (a) we have noticed the prices going up, (b) the decided lack of stock (we have walked in more than one Sunday to bare shelves in more than one area of the store), (c) that when you decide to break up the long aisles into two parts, with a good eight foot space between them, that your customers are not going to realize that the merchandise that was three is no longer being carried? It is not a good idea to carry a limited quantity of the smaller milk carton sizes, and stick them on the top shelf. It is not a good idea to pimp up your store brand, and not carry major brands that you have been carrying. The store looks good, but the customers that go there all the time will agree that it is a disgrace.

On to Wal Mart. Still in Shelton, in case you wanted to know. I am going to be looking for an online pharmacy – for the simplest of items – Tylenol Arthritis and St Joseph’s aspirin. I also take Ginko, so that will be added to the list. Buying over the Internet, in quasi bulk looks to be the best bet to me. I should not have to go from store to store (and Shelton does not have that many stores) to find the products that I want. Wal Mart is also raising prices, and pushing their store brand. Fine if that is what you want, but the store brand is not what I want. Oh – Wal Mart did also not have in stock the wine that I was looking for. They had the brand, but Pear Chardonnay is not the same as Peach Chardonnay. I can never find Cherry Kjafka here anyway, so online I go. Make a list, order in quasi bulk, and hope for the best.

What in the heck is this world coming to?

© September 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

One comment on “Latest Shopping Trips

  1. I’m afraid I can’t answer your final question, Bonnie because I’ve just gone into total shock after reading this posting!
    You see, I’ve ben dreaming of finding some way back into civilization and OUT of Lorain County (here in Ohio) since shortly after I’ve arrived.
    NOW you’re telling me that Lorain County (whose 1991 Yellow Pages, listed “Big Eds” Tatoos as its ONLY Fine Arts posting– ) has spread ALL the way to the State of Washington?
    You see, I TRULY believed that “Apples” grocery stores had somehow been contained in between Akron Ohio and Lorain County. Okay, I NEEDED to believe that, but now I can’t.
    MOST Regrettably, we’re experiencing the same type of shopping episodes here.
    Your posting was an even greater disappointment than discovering that “Twinnings” (my favorite tea ) which has been made in England since 1706, just packed up and went to Poland!

    Triple Yikes!

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