Interacting With Blogs

So … what is interacting with blogs? Is it doing a guest blog? Is it leaving comments? Both of these actions are indeed interacting with blogs. Guest blogs allow us to get our names known to a wider audience, will keeping our blogs “fresh”. Leaving comments is a courtesy – one that I highly recommend. One note on leaving comments – please have your comment actually say something! If you just want to leave your name, and perhaps a link to something that you are doing, this is not the place! The blog owner has every right to delete comments of this nature. Address the issues, keep it real (i.e. don’t flame in a comment!), and you will be fine.

There are blogs in which visitors are encouraged to interact, for a specific reason. On Douglas Gibbs’ blog (, he has started a forum where site visitors can talk about problems they may be having related to either their Tarot studies, or their Tarot readings. Other site visitors then place comments as to how they would handle the issue, coming from their own life experience.

I find this to be a very valid forum, especially for this blog, where the focus is on Tarot Tutorials, Tips and Techniques. There are currently threads up on Symbolism, How Does Tarot Work, Has A Deck Ever Stopped Speaking To You and more. The interactions are honest, polite, and leave one feeling that they have had a great time with like minded people. This is a fairly new forum, and I hope to see it grow. If you have Tarot related questions – take them here!

There is another blog that is just up, specifically related to individual card study. A product of the ever active imagination of Catherine Chapman (co-author of “Beyond The Celtic Cross), her newest blog ( gives site visitors a chance to express their take (give their interpretation) on specific Tarot cards. Catherine provides the card image, attributes (element, season, direction, symbolism and keywords), an excerpt from the “Pictorial Key To The Tarot”, and comparison scans from diverse decks.

This is meant to be a teaching forum, where site visitors can get a basic feel for a card, and read other individual’s interpretations for any given card. I am happy to be a part of it – fresh eyes are always a good thing! I don’t feel that posting an interpretation here interferes with, or takes away from, any work that any of the site visitors may be doing elsewhere. It is, pure and simple, a chance to be involved in a group project that all levels of Tarot students will benefit from.

I hope that you choose to become involved with one or both of these sites – they are incredible learning experiences!

 © September 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

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