Non-Tarot Oracles

I enjoy working with non-Tarot based oracle decks on occasion. Sometime I add them to a Tarot reading, sometimes I read with them alone and sometimes I draw a card in the morning just to see what wisdom I need to take into my day. The following are a few non-oracle decks that I find interesting:

AngeLynx Divination Deck (John Sacelli, Chris Deschaine) – This deck is a 52 card deck from John Sacelli – shaman, astrologer and spiritual counselor. The cards correspond to 52 Strengths. To work with this deck, you need to open your mind, and your heart, and see the English language in a different light.

Book of Doors Divination Deck (Athon Veggi, Alison Davidson) – This 65 card oracle deck is based on the symbols and deities of ancient Egypt. The two occult keys that the deck is based on are the alchemical text known as the “Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus”, and the numerical system of Pythagorus.

Celebration of Love Oracle Cards (Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan) – This is a very gentle 60 card deck that focuses on celebrating the world through love. The imagery used is that of angels, dolphins, fairies and the fantasy realm in general. For me, this is a “feel good” deck.

Crystal Ally Cards (Naisha Ahsian) – This deck is based on the healing power of crystals and gems, with a focus on healing.

Egyptian Pyramid Oracle (Verona McColl) – This is a 25 card deck based on Egyptian mythology. The cards are broken down into five houses (Power, Temptation, Inspiration, Wisdom and Change), with five cards each.

Goddess Inspiration Oracle (Kris Waldherr) – This is an 80 card deck based on Goddesses from diverse cultures. I love the artwork here, and the range of Goddess energy, including Athena, Isis, Venus, Baba Yaga and Abeona. All that Goddess can and does do is reflected in this deck.

Healing With The Angels Oracle (Doreen Virtue) – This is a 44 card deck, representing a trait, or action, such as Listening, Forgiveness and Spiritual Growth.

Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards (Chief Lame Deer, Archie Fire) – I have had these cards forever! This is a 50 card deck, with a focus on self-discovery, rather than divination. The deck is based on personal sweat lodge experiences, and is used for healing and protection.

Medicine Cards (David Carson, Jamie Sams) – This is a 53 card deck, based on animal energy as reflected in the Native American culture. Each animal is seen against the background of a Dream Catcher. The cards are based on Native American teachings from the Lakota, Aztec, Cheyenne, Choctaw, Cherokee and other tribes.

Secret Dakini Oracle (Nick Douglas, Penny Slinger) – This is a 64 card deck that acts as  a tantric oracle, with collage artwork and Hindu references.  It is based on the 64 Dakinis of the Ranipur Jharial Temple in Orisa, India honoring intuitive wisdom.

I have found that most non-Tarot oracles have a sense of reason, or a way of being on their own. There is a structure, and the wisdom comes through the structure. My thought is that if an oracle appeals to you, that you will be able to work with it. If the oracle does not appeal to you, then you need to let it go. Empowerment is where you look for it.

© September 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

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