Here it is – 10/10/10 – October 10th, 2010. I love looking at those numbers – triple numbers, new beginnings in all areas.(The number ten adds up to the number one (one + zero = one), which is about new beginnings.) It is about going into a new cycle, ending old business and having hope that things are going to get better. Esotericaly, the number ten is considered the number of perfection (Pythagoras saw the number ten as representing the universe as a whole.)

The sense of hope connected with the number ten can be referenced to its reduction – the number One, which is associated with the planet of the Sun. We also see matter (represented by the number four) and harmony (the number six) in the number ten. It can be viewed as the Creator (represented by the number three) and creation (represented by the number seven). Ten is the number associated with the Hebrew letter Iod (Ego), representing the active principle.

In the Tarot, the cards that I associate with the number ten (aside from the number Ten in each of the four suits) are the Wheel of Fortune (X), the Sun (XIX), and, through reduction, the Magician (I). The energy of 10/10/10 contains the energy of all of these cards.

The Wheel of Fortune references time, and our individual actions. It is about being willing to be assertive, and take leaps of faith. It is about bringing balance between individual will and the will of Spirit, and coming to accept that which cannot be changed.

The Sun references hope, health, abundance and harmony. Here we move past our shadows and fears, allowing ourselves to bring things of a more positive nature into our lives.

The Magician has available to him all Elemental powers. He is the channel between the Spiritual and the Physical worlds (As Above, So Below). With him all things are possible.

What are you going to do on this day? Are you going to take a leap of faith? Are you going to bring balance into your life? Are you going to accept your mastery of the Elemental powers surrounding you? Are you going to accept the responsibility to be the Master of your own destiny?

© October 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

2 comments on “10/10/10

  1. bplayfull says:

    Thanks for this post. Being in a transitional time in my life, this was very timely. Yes, I am taking a leap of faith, & I’m working on balance in my life, & I accept responsibility to be the Master of my destiny. 🙂

  2. Becky –

    That is the biggest leap of faith that anyone will ever take – to be Master of their own destiny. 🙂


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