Taurus Full Moon

Sunday, November 21st, moves us into a Full Moon in Taurus. I love the energy of a Full Moon – the whole idea of cycles, and each part of the cycle having its own sense of importance. Full Moon’s indicate a culmination of one cycle, moving into the beginning of another cycle. Projects that we are working on need to be brought together and finished. Things that no longer serve us well need to be let go of. However, we also need to be aware of the doors that are opening for us.

The  Full Moon in Taurus places emphasis on our making best use of our resources, and to our making our health a priority. In making best use of our resources, we need to remember that Spirit is an endless resource, and that we need to take advantage of this, to strengthen our spiritual connection. Look for the places in your life that are out of balance,  and determine what you need to do to restore that balance. Once the balance is restored, you need to look at where you need to place your energy so that you can be self-sufficient.

This is a time for depending on our inner wealth, of consolidating our resources, of connecting with the feminine and our creative centers. Look to where your personal strengths are, to where you can consolidate your material and spiritual wealth and create a suportive environment. Look at what has value to you – financially and otherwise. How can you grow these areas of your life? Allow yourself to align with the slower pace around you. committ to your passions, live in the now of life. Take part in whatever represents the best of life to you. Follow your heart, follow your passions.

From the “Illuminated Tarot” , by Carol Hertzer, I drew the Guide (the Hermit) for this Taurus Full Moon. The answers that we need will be found within.

The Guide

(c) November 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

2 comments on “Taurus Full Moon

  1. houseofnale says:

    I love this post! Full moons seem to find me frazzled and feeling like all is out of control…meditation came to my mind when I read this post. Bonnie, you may have just given me a clue to a life long problem…thank you so much.

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