To Drink The Wild Air

To Drink The Wild Air –

One Woman’s Quest to Touch the Horizon


Birgit Soyka

Parendum Books


ISBN #978-0-9830398-0-8

A lifetime quest for most of us is that of figuring out who we are, and what our path in life is meant to be. In other words, we are searching for that which will make our lives authentic. This is what this book is all about – the life story of a woman who knew that she was meant to follow a certain path in life – that of adventure. Whatever her life included, there must be adventure.

Born and raised in Germany, Soyka came from a traditional family. She was the “wild child”, the non-conformist. At an early age she became infatuated with motorcycles, with the open road, and with motorcycle racing. She served an apprenticeship in retail, but her life was motorcycle racing and long road trips on motorcycles with friends. She never entered the retail world, instead she worked for a motorcycle magazine in Germany. One of her jobs there was testing new motorcycles.

At the age of twenty-five she moved to the United States, to work and to race motorcycles. She was the only female breaking into a challenging, male dominated field. It was a time when she experienced many injuries, financial issues, homelessness, and the threat of deportation. She married an individual that was also interested in racing, but she left the racing world behind her and went into the corporate world of business.

Soyka addressed working in the business world much the same as she addressed competing in the world of motorcycle racing – she loved the adventure and challenge, and was highly competitive. She loved and lived for new experiences, living and working in the United States, South America and Europe. The changing economy, and the changing structure of her company, brought her career burnout – waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety attacks, no longer respecting the people that she worked for, or the company itself.

Through her marriage, divorce, and close to twenty years with “The Corporation” (Soyka’s name for the company that she worked for), she retained her sense of humor, her sense of adventure, and her sense of self.  On a vacation in Alaska she comes to the realization that to save herself she needs to leave the company that she works for and seek other challenges.

Her recovery from career burnout, and from other physical issues, takes time. In the end, she recovers who she is, and what is important to her. She recovers her authentic self. The manner in which Soyka writes gives the reader several levels to connect to. On the base level, she is describing things that have happened to her throughout her life. On anther level, she is sharing her emotional reaction to the people and events around her. On yet another level we are seeing her core values, and how they are reflected in her decisions and actions.

This is an excellent book for anyone that wants to see first hand how to find your dream, and live your life to the fullest.

 © December BonnieCehovet

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