Just Discovered Animoto!

Thanks to Mary Nale and Anna Burroughs Cook, I just discovered a wonderful marketing tool from Animoto – videos that I can actually do!  The template is easy to work with, including three elements – images, text and music. You put these three elements in, hit the go button, and the software makes t he video for you! You can also goback and edit – which I had to do a couple of times with mine before I discovered how to mix the images and text together. Next project -figure out how to move mp3’s from my hard drive to the Animoto site! The directions are simple – but my laptop will not cooperate!  😉  

What this post is really all about is Anna’s video. This was her first attempt, and one that I found worked really, really well!   It is all about her book, “Tarot Dynamics”, and the reading techniques that the book promotes (can we say “intuition”!). Here is he link to her video – please watch it, and let her know what you think! http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=148988455151320

(c) December 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

One comment on “Just Discovered Animoto!

  1. Dear Bonnie,
    Thank-you for noticing and mentioning my first video, and I’d like to add that Animoto is WAY easier than FB! (sigh, I still can’t tag anyone) BTW let’s not forget the Tarot Video that YOU made too–which I still think “rocks”.


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