Tarot In Culture

“Tarot In Culture”, edited by Emily E, Auger, is currently available for pre-order from the Association For Tarot Studies (http://association.tarotstudies.org/tarotinculture.html). With a foreword by Rachel Pollack, this book is over 900 pages, and includes 24 color plates. This is an incredible work, gathering together important essays from a diverse section of well known authors and researchers.

The book is divided into four parts:

· Part 1 – History and Innovation
· Part 2 – Tarot In The Arts
· Part 3 – The Art of Tarot
· Part 4 – Special Topics and Primary Sources

Articles include:

· Iconography and Allegory in Fifteenth to Seventeenth Century Trumps (Robert M.Place)
· The Greater Trumps: Charles Williams and the Metaphysics of Otherness (Joyce Goggin)
· Speculations on Cathar Imagery In Tarot (Christine Parkhurst)
· The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination: Old Symbols for a New Age (Ed Buryn)

Any orders placed now will be of help in keeping the cost of the book down. I placed my intent (and my order) before I sat down to write this blog. The cost is significant – but so is the material covered in this book! I look forward to receiving my copy!

© January 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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