Full Moon In Cancer

January 19th brings us t he Full Moon in Cancer.  I am not an astrologer, but I do understand that having the Full Moon at 29 degrees of Cancer, at the same time that the Sun is 29 degrees of Capricorn, is significant. Not so much because of the signs, but because of the degrees -29 degrees of any sign is associated with endings and completion. I certainly hope so, because I want this to be a whole new year for me! (And for those of you going “Duh! Go do something about it then!”   – I am taking concrete actions to do so.)

Watery, emotional Cancer wants us to join the Hierophant within. I am so much better at looking at myself logically than emotionally. Having said that – Cancer is my rising sign, so I am probably going to get my butt kicked here! The good thing is that I will be required to really take a look at my inner landscape, and release that which no longer serves me well. A little house cleaning, as it were. Bring it on!

I am coming to see the need to create a balance between work and nurturing myself. (Sun/Moon Cappie – there is no play involved in life! 😉 ) I am finding that what nurtures me is defining my work, and putting limits on it. As I have a bible for each of my books, I will have a bible for my life. The Capricorn New Moon, and this Cancer Full Moon, are playing to my strengths. I can see myself clearly, and see where the changes need to be made.

Expect this Full Moon to be highly emotionally charged. Think before you speak! (Darn – What fun is that?) Issues around home, family (and those that we consider to be family) and nurturing (self and others) will be prevalent.

(c) January 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

One comment on “Full Moon In Cancer

  1. Dear Bonnie,
    THIS was one of your best-ever Astro-Tarot posts. I can SO see you standing with your hands on you hips telling the Universe to “bring it on”!! Better yet I can picture the Universe, snapping to, to reply “Yes, Mam, don’t hurt me!” Here’s to a GREAT year for you Bonnie!
    In Friendship, With Love, Anna

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