It Has Come To My Attention …

A couple of things have come to my attention. The first is an excellent article,written by Toni Gilbert, on mapping your developmental journey. The article is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid. The article can be seen here –

The next I am doing a total happy dance about, and that is the release of Jordan Hoggard’s “Tarot In The Land Of Mysterium”. This is a new take on his independently published “Mystereum Tarot”, focusing on acting as an Imagination Primer for children,and for the child within each of us. Schiffer Publishing has done an incredible job of presenting this book/deck set. It can be seen here –

This next site is totally, irrevocably personal to me. Founded by DJ Soulswede, it presents in-depth interviews with soul,funk and R&B entertainers (primarily by DJ Soulswede), the weekly Solar Radio show (by DJ Soulswede and Nate Johnson), video interviews in Progressive Underground, along with some written reviews. Soul Interviews can be seen here –



(c) January 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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