Around The Tarot World – January 2011

Sharing my writing links from the month of January, as well as interesting goings on in the Tarot world. Enjoy!

Recent posts:

Fool Stop Tarot blog –

Tarot Elements –

Preview of Tarot Today shows on Blog Talk Radio – Interesting guests, diverse topics!

Not Tarot, but I have to share – David Mensah, “Food For Soul” – Great music to write by!

Incredible book available forpre-order from the ATS – check out Emily E. Auger (editor) – “Tarot In Culture” – –

“Southern Tarot Symposium” – Meeting of Australian and NEW ZEALANDTarot lovers – Presenters include Fern Mercier, Lyn Howarth-Olds, Jean-Michel David, Annie Dunlop, Danae Thorp and Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber.

ATS 2011 Tarot convention –

© January 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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