Spirit, Flow: A Photographic Prayer

Spirit, Flow: A Photographic Prayer

I am smacking myself on the head, big time! Yes, I saw Raven’s promo for her newest work, Spirit, Flow: A Photographic Prayer. Yes, I thought about going to purchase it. Wait … wait … Did I skip a step here? Doesn’t one usually look, then purchase? I have followed Raven for a long time on Twitter. I know her as a Tarotist, author, artist, photographer, healer and student of life. She pulls no punches … but she is always there when someone needs her. Every aspect of her work is healing. I don’t need to see it to know that it is good. I don’t need to see it to know that it has value – value in its own right, and value to me as an individual.

This am Raven offered to send me a copy of her 43 page work if I would give her a blurb on it. Fair exchange … heavily weighted in my favor, because her work is that good. Thank you Raven!

Spirit, Flow: A Photographic Prayer is an intricate weaving of photographs and words – a prayer for the senses. In Raven’s words:

“Spirit,Flow is a sumptuous vision of the beauty that exists in this world.
It is a prayer captured in color and offered back to the Divine artist, in thanks.”

There is an eleven page preview on Raven’s site – http://shivayawellness.com/. Please take the time to visit. At the least, you will find a moment of peace and beauty. At the most, you will find a work of art that will enhance your life forever!

Raven has an eye for detail, for those moments in time that “stand still” in the minds eye. All photos are from Vermont and south Florida, destinations on Ravens journey through life. They all depict nature in some form, and they all speak eloquently for themselves. Words are kept to a minimum, used only to hold the structure together, to give it form.

The best things come in small packages, without hype. Spirit, Flow: A Photographic Journey is a breathtaking gift, in a concise, clean format. Take the time to join Raven on this journey!

One last word – I am not going to tell you what the final photograph is, but I will say that it is pure Raven!

© February 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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