Comfort Cottage Citchen Craftbook

Comfort Cottage Citchen Craftbook –
Tarot in the garden

Author: dr Sophera
Comfort Cottage Chronicle
ISBN #978-0-578-07907-3

Comfort Cottage

I hear the wind

I feel the sun

I drink the rain

I walk the earth …

In a garden where every flower blossoms in its own time.

(from the back cover)

What a wonderful gift to the Tarot world from my friend Debbie Rossignol! This book is all about life, loving life, and living life fully. It is a lovely tossed salad of Tarot information, seasonal meditations, garden moments, astrology, charkas, crystals, creatures associated with the elements (earth, air, water and fire), dreams, flowers and herbs, moon cycles, numbers, shapes, tinctures and oils, smudge sticks, and recipes.

Jumbled together in no particular order, this is a warm fuzzy – a nice, quiet moment, sitting in a comfortable chair with a cup of cocoa in your hand. Bits and pieces of life wander through your thoughts, and you reminisce about the things that have sustained you.

The book starts out with a beautifully written poem – “Hidden Gem”, and a meditation entitled “Tree” (The Realm of Elemental Enchantment). Great respect shown for the journey this book takes the reader on. This is followed by meditations on the four seasons, starting with Winter. Associations are given for each of the full moons in each season, including name, astrological sign, astrological time period, crystal, element, Tarot cards and quality. At the end of each season’s information is a blank page to make notes on your journey through that time period.

Each of the twelve astrological signs is noted by date, positive or negative orientation, keyword, orientation (cardinal/fixed/mutable), and ruler. There are notes on crystals, with associations for color, body part, astrological sign, musical key, crystal, and positive and negative qualities.

The associations continue for Days of the Week (keywords), Dreams (symbols and keyword), Elements (color, keywords, season, creature and Angel), and flowers and herbs (quality and use). At the end of this section is a blank page to make notes on.

Numbers 1-9 are listed, with their quality and keywords. The Major Arcana are listed, along with their archetypal quality, astrological sign and positive and negative qualities. The five major shapes (circle, square, triangle, cross and spiral) are listed, along with their qualities, along with several different types of trees, and their qualities. The Reiki prayer is included to represent Reiki. At the end of this section is another blank page to make notes on.

The next section list garden flowers, berries and herbs, for use in teas, crafting, medicine and potpourri. What a magickal section! Debbie talks about drying and preserving berries and herbs, making flavored sugars and then moves on to concocting tinctures and oils. (Hint: smudge sticks come up in this section!) Also include is the making of puppets for use with long distance Reiki healing.

Bread is very much a comfort food for me, with memories of my mother and grandmother making bread. The breads in this book are all “home” breads – very real, nothing fancy. “Easy Cheesy Garlic Bread”, “Flower Pot Bread”, “Friendship Bread”, “Garbage Bread” – it’s all good! The “Friendship Bread” especially struck a cord with me – when I was a young teenager, my Aunt made this bread, and gifted it to my mother. The recipe is for a starter bread. You work it for twenty-seven days. On the twenty-eighth day you divide the bread into quarters, and give three of the loaves away, with the instructions for keeping it going. That bread made the rounds and then some, and everyone involved was filled with joy and a sense of connection. We need more “Friendship Bread”! (BTW – There are recipes for dip to go with the bread!)

There are many more recipes – jellies (Dandelion Honey, Rose and Elderberry, to name a few), Meal In A Muffin, Mint Ice Cream, Rhubarb Muffins (I make these quite often!), pizza’s, soups, cookies… even Garbage Candy, and herbal drops!

Debbie writes about many things in this book, including Tarot. She writes about the everyday things that make life work, how our physical gardens sustain our inner gardens. As she herself would say “Have an “ahha” kind of day!

“Comfort Cottage Citchen Craftbook” can be purchased here –

© February 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

2 comments on “Comfort Cottage Citchen Craftbook

  1. drSophera says:

    Wow:) thank you Bonnie:)for the heartfelt words:) what a nice way to start the day:)

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