Pisces New Moon

Here we are, new moon in Pisces. Looks around – what do we do now? Hopefully you do what I do and honor the new moon in some manner. (I do this with the full moon also, but I digress.) This is a special time, as Pisces marks the end of the astrological year, with Aries beginning a new year in April. This is a time for pulling into the inner self, for accessing our creative center and listening to our dreams. Pisces brings us closure, and helps get us ready for new beginnings.

It is from the Piscean world of intuition that our greatest experiences of art, meditation and journeying come from. To enter this world, we need to relax and let go … release all that is holding us back, to embrace who we are, accept ourselves and allow ourselves to enter into this dream world.

I drew one card from the “Tarot of the Sidhe” (Emily Carding, Schiffer Books, 2010) to gives us some clue about what to expect from this new moon – the Dancer Seven (Seven of Cups). The subtitle listed on the card is Illusion’s Depths. Keywords from the LWB are illusion, fantasy, escapism, indecision, addiction and confusion. The poem for this card is:

“In watery tide we start to sink,
And of illusion’s lake we drink,
Seduced by phantoms of the mind,
Reality is left behind …”

Quite the card to go with the month of March, with the “In like a lion, out like a lamb” perception! So we see that there are going to be multiple opportunities coming with this new moon …opportunities that we may not see with the clarity that we should be seeing them with. This will be especially so with anything that we are emotionally vested in. Our goal this month is to take the time to see our opportunities clearly, and then to envision where they will take us. Connect with your creative center, open your mind and your heart, and soar with the eagles!

© March 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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