Blogs,Google and SEO

Many of us have blogs. Most of us would like to see more people land on our blog, and we would really like to see more responses (comments). Word to the wise here – don’t leave a comment if you have nothing to say, and just want to leave a link to your work. That is just disrespectful.  Onwards and upwards – the latest hoopla with blogs seems to be Google reinventing themselves. Yes, Google is the venue we want to watch as far as optimizing our blogs is concerned.

Search algorithms are being refined/changed, specifically placing focus on blogs that feature low to poor quality content,or “shallow” content.  I have to say, most blogs in the two venues that I focus on – writing and Tarot, are content rich. If they weren’t, I wouldn’t follow them. You don’t have to write long posts – just posts that have something to say, with content that is original to you. You can reference the work of others (with proper creditation, please!), but you need the meat of  the blog to be your concept, used in a fresh manner.  A hint here is to go back and change blogs (or site content) that reflect poor use of content. Big Brother Google takes note of this stuff!

Site visitors deserve to see fresh, relevant content. They will go away happy,and return time and time again- just to see what you are up to!  Do you want to work with your site stats a bit? Try Google Analytics – I just signed up for this myself – I thought that it was time to get a bit serious about my Internet life! Hope I got it installed correctly!

(c) March 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

6 comments on “Blogs,Google and SEO

  1. Google analytics is awesome – it gives SO much information – and helps to refine your SEO.

    Oh, and there is nothing worse than the commenter that only leaves a comment to link you to their site. I also hate people who spam my FB personal page. It’s unbelievably rude.

    Good luck with Google analytics. You’re going to love it!


  2. Theresa –

    Now I have to wait and see if I put the thing on my page right! 😉


  3. tonigilbert says:

    Hi Bonnie, I have google analytics and it is great.

    I have decided that most subjects have been done before with lots of information giving. Because of that I am going a different route. I am making my blog a place to tell a personal story about what I “do” with my esoteric education and experience. Stay tuned. With love, Toni

  4. Toni –

    I certainly do intend to follow your blog! 🙂 And Thalassa, once she gets hers up!


  5. chergreen says:


    Thanks for posting this. I’ve ran across google analytics, but never installed it. Now it is installed. You posted this at the right time since I recently published my website.

    Thanks again,

  6. Cher –

    You are more than welcome. I need to get up tospeed on this stuff! 😉


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