New Moon In Aries – April 2011

Five of Pentacles, from “Tarot In the Land of Mystereum”, by Jordan Hoggard.

April’s new moon (Sunday, 4/3/2011) occurs in the sign of Aries. While all new moon’s relate to new beginnings, and to setting things in motion, it is important that this new moon is one that carries an enormous amount of power and potential. Think Aries the Ram here! Think Aries the impetuous, headstrong, driven sign of the zodiac. This is a wake up call for all of us – we are going to be resolving (in one fashion or another) long standing issues.

Whatever you have been procrastinating on, you will now find yourself being much, much more decisive about. Along with making those decisions, you will also be acting on them. Expect the unexpected during this new moon, and prepare to be flexible. Being flexible will allow creative energy to flow through you. Being inflexible will end up in feelings of frustration, anger, and perhaps rage … not places that any of us want to even visit, much less live.

With six planets in the fiery sign of Aries, the caveat here is “Think before you act.” Your passions could over-rule common sense if you don’t watch out – whether it be in your personal life or your career. Take the leadership position in your own life at this time … allow yourself to be confident, to take bold steps in an assertive fashion. Make sure that your decisions and actions are in alignment with your belief system. Cutting corners to achieve an end at this point in time will definitely come back to bite you!

I am going to preface what I am about to say with this thought – I am not an astrologer, this is my personal opinion. This new moon is taking place during a Mercury retrograde. One expects delays, snafus, and all kinds of disruptive chaos during a Mercury retrograde. The brash, forward moving energy of Aries will somewhat blunt this. However, if you choose to fight the Aries energy … well, there will be hell to pay!

Channel all of this really cool energy in a constructive manner. Focus on resolving those long standing issues in a positive manner. Trying to force an outcome will not end up well for anyone! This is a good time to free yourself from self-imposed limitations, and to grow in any and all ways. Allow new wisdom to come to you … and it will!

What energy do we have from the Tarot to assist us at this time? From “Tarot In the Land of Mystereum” (by Jordan Hoggard) I drew the Five of Pentacles. A card of chaos (which is how I see the Five’s) is going to assist us in dealing with the raw power of Aries? In his companion book, Jordan reminds us that physical or material problems could restrict our emotions when this card shows up. His suggestion is that we look within ourselves to determine what we can do to improve our situation. This is powerful energy to use to assist us in dealing with the changes this new moon will activate. Remember, these are changes in long standing issues, changes that will free us and allow us to walk our paths with determination and dignity. The message here – “Allow yourself to heal fromt he inside.”

(c) April 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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