Death As The Master Gardner

I hope that all of ¬†you are following Jordan Hoggard’s new blog on Word Press – His latest blog – entitled “Death As The Master Gardner” – gifts the reader with an incredibly in-depth journey with what some consider to be one of the most difficult cards in the deck. Done as a very gentle visualization/journey, the reader is required to be present and take action – Mystereum style! And … Death is allowed to chat on his own!

I am not going to say anything about this blog – you need to experience it for yourself. What I am going to do is to share the reading that I did for myself, using the spread that Jordan offers, the “Treasure of the Stones”. In this spread, the cards are shuffled and divided into three piles, The top card from each pile is read, t hen the cards (stones) are “shaken off”, and the bottom card read. The top card is the chrysalis, the bottom card

Top Cards:
1. The chrysalis of your current idea or situation. Four of Wands
2. The chrysalis of what you need to know about your current idea or situation. The Wheel
3. The chrysalis cracking card. The card of breaking the mold. Six of Pentacles

Bottom Cards:
4. The treasure of your situation from card 1. The Moon
5. The treasure that emerges from what you expected to know from card 2. Knight of Cups
6. The treasure of the magic carpet of flight that emerges from card 3! King of Swords

The complete blog on Death can be seen here:

(c) April 2011 Bonnie Cehovet