Full Moon In Libra

Sunday, April 17th, gives us a Full Moon in the sign of Libra. Whatever was seeded (began) during the previous Aries New Moon (and with that Aries energy, I cannot possibly be the only person who put some serious intent out there!) is now coming to completion. In the sign of Libra, relationships come into focus – relationships with others, as well as out relationship with ourselves. (Note: For some really great insight on relationship with self, see Jordan Hoggard’s blog at http://jordanhoggard.wordpress.com.) Other points of focus are that which we hold important (materially and spiritually), and our personal belief system.

The scales of Libra at this time are weighting our personal identities, and the identity of each relationship as a whole. For instance, in a romantic partnership there are three distinct identities – that of each of the partners as individuals, and that of the partners as a whole. What we are also looking at is becoming more aware and gaining insight into our individual process. We are also looking at our emotional selves being out of balance. The Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra indicate that we need to bring about harmony and balance in an equitable fashion.

Remember that when we talk about restoring balance to relationship, we are talking about balance with outer relationships (relationships with others) and out inner relationship with ourselves. If we are not walking our talk, we are out of balance with ourselves.

Some things that we might want to look at during a Libra Full Moon are:

1. Where are my needs not being met?
2. What is the conflict “really” about?
3. What does not seem fair?
4. What is my part of the conflict?
5. How can peaceful resolution be brought about?
6. How can all parties be respected and honored?
7. What do I need to take responsibility for?
8. How can I best empower myself?
9. What wisdom do I take away from this situation?
10. How can I balance my need for independence with my need to be responsible?

© April 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


10 comments on “Full Moon In Libra

  1. mystereum says:

    Great questions to pose to oneself to elucidate relationship, and much appreciated including my blog in tandem with the full moon in Libra. With Aries sun it feels to bring quite a teeter-totter to the fore, emotionally, and with that, a great many opportunities when working with your question set in depth.

  2. Craig Conley says:

    Very helpful, Bonnie! I felt this full moon coming even before I realized it was due.

  3. Craig –

    I am with you on that! My little earth world was rocked a bit too much the entire week before the full moon! Talk about ricocheting off of life! 😉


  4. Jordan –

    What you are doing with the Mystereum Tarot is beyond powerful! Expect to be inserted into a whole lot of posts! 😉

    Looking forward to a webinar or three too!


  5. Mary Nale says:

    Deep and right on the money…I’ve copied this to my journal. Considering a copy for the mirror too.
    This is a Full Moon to remember for sure-you wouldn’t believe the things going on in my house! (Well, yes you would!)
    Thanks for this great advice.

  6. Mary –

    The mirror wants a copy too? 😉 I was talking with a friend this am – she was explaining my Pluto transits to me – I have to fish or cut bait! 😉


  7. chelsea says:

    thank you for this post 🙂

  8. Chelsea –

    Glad that you enjoyed it!


  9. bethseilonen says:

    Wow – what perfect timing for this post, I also didn’t realize it was the full moon, only that it was close – however, as of yesterday, I could feel myself getting back to what I consider my ‘normal’ balance.

    Thanks for the insightful questions… I’ll see you at RS11!

    ~Beth Seilonen

  10. Beth –

    Thank you for the kind words! I am looking forward to meeting you at the RS also!


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