Mary Greer Does It Again!

What an absolute pleasure to read Mary Greer’s post this morning – “A Truly Notable Tarot Reading”. Where to begin? This is just an awesome blog post, and everybody needs to read it! The issue that Mary is addressing is how to record information from a reading in a fashion that the Seeker can take with them an actually use. This is extremely important … as Mary points out, it is all to easy to forget what has been said in a reading because so much information is presented in such a short time. She also makes the very important point that the Seeker (our client) has offered their time and money for their reading, and that their really should be a way that they can take this information with them.

In the, shall we say “less techie” days, a tape of the reading would suffice. In those days this actually was true added value. I made the effort to make tapes for my clients because readers that I had gone to had taken time (and made the effort) to do the same for me. I have a friend who currently makes CD’s of her readings, and sends them to her clients (she does a lot of over the phone reading). This is a skill that I have promised myself that I will learn. (At present, I am caught up in getting Skype to recognie my laptop’s audio card!)

Mary has taken a giant leap forward into, as she indicates in her blog, a very FaNcy method of digital recording. She is now using an iPad 2 to record her Tarot consultations – and is doing so in a VERY BIG WAY! My chat ends here – you needto read Mary’s own words to see what a marvelous tool this is! Her article can be seen here –

(c) April 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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