The Little Lost Dragon

I am going to let you in on a little secret … it won’t be a secret for long, so listen carefully! Pamela Steele, creator of the “Steele Wizard Tarot”, has a new project out – a series of three e-books for children. If you know the “Steele Wizard Tarot”, you know that Pamela is an absolutely amazing artist … her e-books are a true joy to behold! They absolutely take one into the land of enchantment … which is a very good place for our children and grandchildren, as well as our “inner child” to go!

Before I forget – Pamela’s e-books can be seen here –
Today I am going to talk about her first e-book – “The Little Lost Dragon”. Written and illustrated by Pamela, she is presenting it as a free download on her site. A gift from her heart to your heart! The characters in this book go way back to 1984, where they were single cartoon drawings, which quickly gained popularity in various art shows.
It is absolutely gorgeous … color intense and beautifully presented, with the visual story on the right hand page, and the text on the left hand page. Very high quality presentation! It would be a joy to sit down with any child and read this book!

The action takes place in a land between here and there, and a time between then and now. The main character is a wise old wizard by the name of Edlyn Whiteoak. He spends his days creating wonderful magical spells and fantastic useful inventions. The wizard has two companions – an orange and yellow striped cat by the name of Jasper, and an invisible gremlin by the name of Emo.

One day during a walk in the forest the wizard, Jasper and Emo came upon a young dragon sitting in a puddle of tears, holding his tail. This was a very, very sad little dragon. Edlyn gathered his wits (and his robe) about him, and stepped out of the bushes to offer to help the young dragon. The dragon’s name was Sydney, and Sydney was lost.

First things first – Sydney gets fed! Sydney will eat anything and everything, but he is polite about it. Sydney was raised well. He even asks to take a bath. How about that! Then he gets a magical bed, and Edlyn reads him a bedtime story. What a life Sydney has – fishing, playing golf (Edlyn got hit on the head with golf ball!), and then there was the incident with the cannon. The last incident lead to a lecture on each living thing having a place and a purpose.

There are more life experiences for the little dragon, which make him happy, but he still misses his family. Edlyn, in his wisdom, proceeds to create a magic coach to go search for Sydney’s family. Of course – they all go on this little trip! Edlyn left magic spells all around the castle to keep it safe and cleaned while they were gone.

The start of this journey is the end of this e-book. There is more, however, that Pamela is sharing. There is a downloadable map to the kingdom, and a smaller, printable map. There is also a page devoted to each of the four characters (Edlyn Whiteoak, Jasper Stripetail, Emo Rattlebush, and Sydney Brightscales) that acts as a bio for each character. What a great way to get children interested in something very positive, with lots of excitement, things going on, and lessons woven into the storyline that … well, to a child they won’t seem like lessons.

The artwork is very simple, very color intense. It draws one in, asking one to step inside each page and become part of whatever is going on … and there is always something going on! This is the type of “memory” book that is handed down from parents to their children, and from those children to their children. Can we tell that I loved this book! Thank you, Pamela!

© May 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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