The Mystereum Tarot – Chat With Temperance

I am taking a page from my friend Helen Howell’s book, and chatting with the Tarot. In this case, specifically with Temperance. I was kicked rather hard by the latest Mercury retrograde, and by the latest astrological configurations up there in the sky. The good thing about this time period – Aries is doing very well, so my Aries friends are having clear sailing, which I am grateful for! I am getting back on track – healing, as it were, which is why the chat with Temperance. Also, in a bit of synchronicity, Jordan Hoggard, the creative genius behind “Tarot In The Land of Mystereum” has been quite ill with food poisening, and is now on the mend. Temperance energy for Jordan too!

Temperance has agreed to chat with me. We are sitting in my living room, with glasses of iced tea in hand. I want to thank her for her time, and for her wisdom.

I often think of Temperance as the “healing angel” in the deck. The first thing I want to ask Temperance today is “How do you see yourself?”

“My goodness – the healing angel! Thank you very much, that is quite a nice thought! I have never really thought about how I might see myself. I feel that I have a job to do, and that how I do that job depends on the person or people that I am working with, and the nature of the situation. Sometimes the people, or the situation, are ready to be healed, so things can be done in a very gentle manner. However, there are occasions when the people involved, or the situation itself, is blind to the fact that healing is necessary. In that case, the “tough love” part of me comes out. You could say that I see myself as the “middle-man”, in an “As Above, So Below” kind of way.”

“What one word would best describe your world?”

“Balance – the word balance nicely describes my world. My focus, my goal, is to maintain balance in all things.”

“Balance … I like that thought! Whenever you have entered my life you have brought peace and harmony with you. For this I give unending thanks!”

“You are most welcome! I am at my best when a little harmony saves the day!”

“I know this is a strange question, but how do you get along with the Fool?”

“The Fool and I get along famously!” Temperance smiled. “Each of us Archetypes realise that we are working with the Fool within each of you when we enter your life. The Fool and I allow you to see all that you can be. Through the two of us you feel comfortable enough to not only dream your big dreams, but to act to manifest them. The manifestation of your dreams functions as a second level of healing. I help the Fool within to find balance, to act in moderation, and to feel the flow of life.”

“What final words do you have for us, Temperance?”

“I am the essence of stability. I manifest Divine light on the physical plane. I am a benevolent force, and bring about healing on all levels. I act to bring opposing energies together. I bring you the protection that you need in order to heal. I am here to travel with you at any and all times … the only hting thaty ou need to do is ask.”

Thank you, Temperance, for your wisdom, and for you patience. We are the better for y ou.

(c) May 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

7 comments on “The Mystereum Tarot – Chat With Temperance

  1. :-D!, Bonnie! Wonderful art in compositions of Samekh to Ya! To lay on hands to lean on, to support, to uphold. Oops, it’s there in the image! Darn deceptive simplicity! ;-D n 😀

    Thanks for the healing!

  2. And, a little more Mystereum backstory for you. 😀 When I pulled the plug on my TV in 2005 and decided to not look at or read ANYTHING Tarot in 2005, I also, shortly after starting Mystereum found some vast interest in the Kaballah. And, I tuned that out as well for some, WONDROUS, reason until after I finished Mystereum. As I was designing-divining the Temperance card, I had this composition, somehow finished, somehow not yet complete. I eye-felt-sensed into the image, and there it was. The male shoulod lift a finger. Literally, in the composition I curve-lifted his finger. Voila! It was done. That was on Summer Solstice, 2007. Temperance was the last card. I held it to that as I am a Sag and Temperance is a Sag-Chiron kinda card.
    2008, May, I self-publish The Mystereum Tarot. Shortly after I find The Denver Tarot Geeks led by Joy Vernon. They were, lo and behold, starting a 2-year study of the 22 paths of the Tree of Life relative to the 22 Major Arcana. I was SO there.
    Then, we come to Key 14, Temperance. Joy pokes my arm with the Mystereum Temperance card in hand. . .JORDAN! I KNOW you did not know this, and LOOK! Samekh in the composition!
    And, there it was. Another clue to my Mystereum Tarot foray confirming archetypes and divination stand-alone with no knowledge necessary. . . and why I LOVE it when people literally divine something. It is both further confirmation of archetypal content having specific identities AND that diviniation is not just a show-pony gig.
    Samekh as the over-riding rule of Temperance and the visual composition of the Mystereum Tarot Temperance card . . . of which I had NO knowledge when creating and making it.
    From my perspective of divination it really puts forth the importance of each of our “not-knowing” through each of our mindbodybeautiful presences. . . that these things are THERE when we whole-mindbodybeautiful listen. AND, when we do, each of us can learn to read cards by . . . reading cards. I feel the books come later to flesh things out in an Eleanor Roosevelt “Learn from others’ mistakes. You do not have time to make them all yourself” kinda way.” Learning further divination from books and interchanges AFTER we have first divined purely from our own perspective. Literally, learning to read the cards by . . . reading the (visual story of) cards.
    Simply my natural way, and thought you might dig the backstory of my Samekh experience and The Mystereum Tarot Temperance card with my (alleged) cart before the horse way of going about things. Seems to me that the cart is for the books . . . which come AFTER one has initiated oneself. Heck, who else is gonna initiate you? 😀
    Plays into rites of passage and evolution of Self. And, as well, will not be conducive to everyone’s preferred method of learning Tarot. Starting from nothing can lead to nothing. . .unless you listen and full-on mindbodybeautiful feeling-sense your way.
    What I most enjoy, though, is that others can learn from Mystereum in THEIR way. . . . without the . . .uh hem . . . hassle of undergoing initiation rites. ;-D n 😀

  3. Jordan –

    Many thanks for the added wisdom! What a great deal for anyone who reads this!


  4. You’re welcome, Bonnie! Happy to play my cards as they are dealt so to speak, and further as they go so. I really love that there are at LEAST 77 more things I did in big-picture composition ways with Mystereum that I will be enlightened to by others. As an Architect, I work things until they are just so. Heck, a colleague of mine always tried to give me grief that I could put regulating lines of the Golden Section on my designs AFTER I finished them. I would always laugh with, “Man, you aren;t supposed to box yourself in with a digrams thinking you will create beauty. Just create it. When your overall sense says YES or DONE . . .THEN analyze it. And, you know enough already. Odds are it will also meet Code.” 😀

  5. Jordan –

    You are saying more than you realise here. 😉 If we do what comes natural, if we do what seems right, if we do what is pleasing, we WILL meet/make code!


  6. Yes! In my deceptively simple way. 😀
    Jupiter’s Blessings,

  7. And, I love how you expressed the simple simple that goes so far with, “If we do what comes natural, if we do what seems right, if we do what is pleasing, we WILL meet/make code! .” Great Great, Bonnie!

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