“Where The Love Is”

This spread is TABI’s spread of the month for May, 2011. Many thanks to Sara Donaldson, creator of the spread, for allowing it to be shared! I love a good spread, and I love the energy of this spread!

 The “Where Is The Love” Spread

By Sara Donaldson, for TABI



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This is Sara’s quote from the Tracker (TABI’s monthly newsletter):

 This month’s spread deals with a familiar

subject for many. Sometimes there’s just
no love … either for yourself or for others,
and its not just romantic love…its just
LOVE. So if love is lacking from your life,
whether its romantic love, love of your
work or passion for your leisure time, try
this spread and see where it takes you”

Sara’s position definitions are as follows:

1. What am I hiding from? – Eight of Cups

2. What am I afraid of? – Ten of Wands

3. How do others see me? – The Star

4. How do I see myself? – Judgement

5. How can I start to help myself? – Four of Cups

6. How can I let love in? – Temperance

 I have no problem turning away from the material world for the spiritual world (this is one interpretation in the companion book.) However, I do know that I need to let go, and allow love in all of its various forms to weave through my life. 

My fear lies in the card that I mentally refer to as the “burden of responsibility”. I do have a tendency to take the weight of everything on my shoulders, and work very hard to make things work, to make them “right”. Being old school, I am of course trying to make them right for the other person! 😉 I need to put down the “responsibility” of all forms of relationship and simply allow myself to experience them.

Others see me as someone who brings them faith and hope. I do try to be of help to others, to assist them in making their dreams come true. I do try to bring calm and peace with me.

How do I see myself? Yes, I am hard on myself. I see all of the little (and not so little!) imperfections, and cannot live with them. I need to access the forgiveness part of this card.

How can I start to help myself? I need to become a little less introspective, and deal a little better with the cyckes of depression that this can bring to me.

How can I let love in? I am totally comfortable with this card in this position! Walk the middle road, and be a bit more flexible and understanding – of myself, as well as others.

Kudos, Sara! Great spread!

End note: Definite synchronicity – this deck is stored in a lovely TABI Tarot bag from the 2010 TABI Conference (beautiful bag – kudos to Ania Marczyk!).

Scans are from the “Shadowscape Tarot”, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Barbara Moore, Llewellyn Publications, 2010

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