Full Moon in Sagitarius/Total Lunar Eclipse

On Wednesday, June 15th, there will be not only a full moon in Sagittarius, but a total lunar eclipse. According to Spaceweather.com, the length of this eclipse will be more than 100 minutes (where the Earth blocks the Sun’s light from reaching the moon), making this the longest total lunar eclipse in eleven years. For almost two hours the light from the full moon will appear to not shine. I am not an astrologer, but that has to be disruptive in some way.

The energy of the moon is about emotions, relationships, and psychic energy. With this full moon/lunar eclipse, we are going to be looking at what we want, what we need (and they may not be the same thing!), and what we lack (or what we feel that we lack). It gets better – the Moon is all about the waters of the unconscious self, so memories and emotional “ghosts” are likely to come flooding over us at this time.

When all is said and done, we will have a better knowing of what it is that moves us, what our core beliefs are, how they have shaped us and how they are shaping us. We get to know our own truth – whether we want to or not, whether we think that we are ready to or not. There is a negative extreme, of course. We see our truth, decide that it is THE truth, and expect everyone to shape up and go along with it! Sagittarius also like to keep moving along, so energies can be a bit scattered if we don’t watch them closely. We need to be flexible when discerning our own truth, because there are a lot of truths out there.

As the Moon represents our unconscious, we may find ourselves facing, and having to deal with, both hidden beliefs and hidden motivations. They come from our life experiences, and can represent true shadows. If we can face and deal with those shadows, then we can begin to reach our full potential as individuals, and as a part of a community.
This is a time of expanding consciousness, where our focus moves away from self and out into the world.

I decided to do a three-card spread for this Full Moon. I defined the positions as:


1           2

1. What I want. – Three of Teeth (Wands)
2. What I need. – The Idea (The Hierophant)
3. What I lack. – Camino of Teeth (Path of Teeth – Wands)

I want to be able to access my intuitive powers, to collate and bring things together. Then I want to share my wisdom, my results. I consciously recognize that this is what I want.

What I need is a strong belief in myself. I need to walk my talk. My life is changing, my beliefs are not, so what I need is something that I really already have (IMHO).

What I lack is enthusiasm, self-confidence, and courage to challenge the unknown. This is a surprise to me. As a Cappie, I have never stopped myself from tackling anything. I have always had the courage that I needed to do anything that I really wanted to do. What I show as lacking here is a huge block for me.

My next step is going to be to take these three cards into meditation during my Full Moon ceremony.

What are each of you taking into the Full Moon time?

Images are from the “Individuum Universal Tarot”, Superjumpers S.L., 2008.

© June 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

One comment on “Full Moon in Sagitarius/Total Lunar Eclipse

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