RIP Amy Winehouse

Despite the direction that her life was clearly headed in, I was among many people who were shocked by British singer Amy Winehouse’s death. Why did this have to happen? To get a bit of background, I calculated Amy’s Birth Cards, using the birth date of September 14th, 1983, as posted in Wikipedia. I know – Wiki is not the be all, end all of factual information, but the date was confirmed in other websites. Her Birth Cards are the Star and Strength. (I used the Birth Card Calculator on to calculate the cards.)

Birth Cards (using the system developed by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone of the Tarot School) work in pairs, and act as a gateway into a given lifetime, defining the theme for that lifetime. With Star/Strength, I would define this lifetime as the ability to control our passions, and our connection to Spirit, which brings us hope. The Star talks about hope, and about moving away from negative influences. It brings with it freedom and inner peace, along with public recognition. As all cards have 360 degrees of interpretation, we also need to remember that the Star, which we generally think of as being positive, also carries the energy of disillusionment, self-deception and scattered energies.

Strength talks about self-control, the will to succeed, reconciling opposites, and having courage, but it also carries the energy of fearing ones emotions, and feeling overwhelmed.

The energy of Birth Cards functions in several ways: (1) it can function well, (2) it can function poorly, (3) it can be blocked, or (4) it can be latent (as in not yet recognised by the Seeker). When we look at Amy Winehouse, it is fairly clear that in this lifetime the energy of her Birth Cards was trending towards functioning poorly. She had the public recognition, but was somewhat overwhelmed by it. She may have been disillusioned, and was definitely scattered. She had enormous talent, so I would not say that she ever deceived herself. She had courage, but no self-control. In the end, she was not able to overcome these things.

I asked a couple of questions of the ISIS Tarot de Marseille:

Who was Amy Winehouse? –  Reyne de Deniers (Queen of Disks)

The lady definitely was the Queen of Disks! I see this in myself, and yes, I see this in her. There is power in this person, and a sense of being able to take on the world around them. Amy was not afraid to take on the world, even when it overwhelmed her! Was she a well aspected Queen? No, she wasn’t. She was able to create financial and material security around herself, but she does not seem to have been comfortable with it. She could not keep herself healthy, and was very moody and self-indulgent. The potential was there, but never realised.
What does her death mean for us as individuals? – Six de Baton (Six of Wands)

Through her music, Amy had the ability to transform lives. We are being asked to look at ourselves, and see how we can best use our talents and abilities.

What can we learn from her death? – Ace de Coupe  (Ace of Cups)

we canlearn to love ourselves. To not be afraid of love, in all of its myriad forms.

(c) July 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

14 comments on “RIP Amy Winehouse

  1. Juju SA says:

    Bonnie, this is such a wonderful article. I love your questions / answers provided through tarot at the end of the article.

    I might add one thing. If you consider the birth numbers 8 and 17 in the Marseille tradition, they equate to Justice and the Star (Strength being the 11 arcana in our tradition). This would mean that a way for her to shine (star) was to be balanced / just to yourself and others. Amy was right to others that’s why she wass recognized for her amazing talent, but she wasn’t to herself as she kept destroying herself more and more.

  2. mystereum says:

    Great blog to see through the expectation of pity and embrace an R.I.P. for Amy Winehouse plus let her 6 of Wands talent and energies continue to provide an exchange.

    And, I see the traditions of Justice and Strength switch-oscillating between 8 and 11 to both be correct and function as the antimonious pair, the archetypal syzigy, in the Majors. Seeing them this way, each with their positive and negatives expressions and precipitates and affects, I feel it is often a matter of focusing in to find one’s own personal natural state in the can-be-confusing kaleidoscope of Justice and Strength each with 2 or multiple states spinning. . .and maybe even when one comes up to look to the manner the other one provides a potential aspects. Similar to Amy Winehouse’s talent. Her talent is really unquestionable. Her experience of naturalizing her talent into experienced ability feels (FEELS) like planting perennials in hard-panned clay. I express kudos for her 27 years of intense endurance.

    I was also was not terribly surprised, and mean no blame towards her with that. With her three 9’s of 27 years she joined the Hendrix, Joplin, Cobaine, Et Al party. At every crux crossroads there is . . . .

    R.I.P. Amy.

    • Jordan –

      I thought about the comparison with Hendrix, Joplin, and Cobaine too. Extremely talented individuals,who could not function in this world.


      • mystereum says:

        Yes, and/or they couldn’t function for longer than the adds-up-to-9-in-the-20’s age — mid-range sprinters? Intensities can blow people out of their own water. Intensities can be embraced . . . which can develop into rockin’, purple-haired, eccentric old people.

  3. […] Despite the direction that her life was clearly headed in, I was among many people who were shocked by British singer Amy Winehouse's death. Why did this have to happen? To get a bit of background, I calculated Amy's Birth Cards, using the birth date of September 14th, 1983, as posted in Wikipedia. I know – Wiki is not the be all, end all of factual information, but the date was confirmed in other we … Read More […]

  4. Juju SA –

    Food for thought here! Thank you for reading my article!


  5. Anonymous says:


    I felt the same re: shock at Amy’s death, while at the same time her life clearly depicted someone out of control. She always reminded me of Billie Holiday, so talented, so depthfully emotive, and so obviously tormented. May her star burn bright in heaven.

    She was 27. As so many articles have pointed out – the same age as 3 other bright stars whose flames were extinguished so early in life. Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain – all left this world at age 27.

    Pure coincidence? Not coincidence, but rather reflective of a cycle of 9s?

    I don’t know. Though I tend toward the latter, rather than the former.

    Is there something to be gleaned from knowing the birth cards of Janis, Jim, Jimi and Kurt?

    Would like to hear your insight and any thoughts.

    Thank you Bonnie, for this post. A direct reflection of who you are – kind, loving, thoughtful and genuinely reverent.

  6. oops – didn’t mean to post anonymously. Also a correction in my post: <>

    Thanks again,
    – C

  7. Corniss says:

    Excellent post, Bonnie. Thought-provoking as usual and very compassionate. Winehouse was a genuinely talented individual, and this is terrible for her parents. Maybe there is something to that “27” business, if not numerologically, then as a life-cycle thing. May her memory be for a blessing

  8. Cynthea –

    LOL You read my mind! I wnet – Anonymous?! Happy to see that I can address the real person. 🙂 I think that the cycle of nine’s, and Saturn return’s, are certainly involved here. I think there are no coincidences in life … but there is a lot of synchronicity.

    I do feel there is a lot to be learned from the Birth Cards of everyone – from friends and family members, to sports figures and other notable people. We can understand them better, and we can place that knowledge to better use in our own life, whether it is for ourselves or for a family member, significant other, frirend, or co-worker. Birth Card knowledge is very empowering.

    Thank you for your parting kind words – I am very humb;ed!


  9. Sybil Vane says:

    No wonder I was feeling so close to her and understanding her personal tragedy…
    I have just found out that we have the same birth cards!
    I was feeling so sad for her death and I’m still trying to get over it…

  10. Sybil –

    It is interesting how we are drawn to someone, or affected by them, and don’t know why. The cards function differently in each person’s life – she was never able to handle this lifetime.


  11. Jordan –

    Eccentric they were – but they brought us great wisdom! 🙂


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