Leo New Moon

On Saturday, July 30th, we have a New Moon in Leo. Relationships and all creative endeavors move to the forefront now. Whether Leo is strong in your chart or not, this is the time to bring out and nurture the Leo traits of authority, caring, warmth, and being open to people and ideas. Ask yourself where in your life this energy is needed, and then ask yourself how you can best apply it. Me being me, I would say this is an excellent time to get out your favorite deck (or perhaps a deck that you have issues with, one that will expand your perception) and draw a few cards! The Tarot can be in your face, but it never lies!

New moon’s allow us to redefine our personal goals and start fresh. What creative projects have you been holding off on, and why? What is holding you back? Do they need to be better defined? Do action steps need to be determined? Or maybe, just maybe, these are projects that are really someone else’s idea, and you are coming to the realization that you need to opt for out. Opting for out is much better done before you begin a project, than after the seeds have been planted. Use that Leo energy to stand up for yourself!

Think about the following:

* Am I sure of my path? If not, why not?
* How can I best align my goals with my path?
* What seeds need to be sown at this time?
* In what ways am I creative? In what ways would I like to be creative?
* How can I deal with others in a more open, positive manner?
* Make a commitment with yourself to allowing time for creative play.
* Where is that inner child of yours? Is he or she now wearing a business suit? Would they appreciate a more relaxed dress code once in a while?

Remember … the goals that we activate during a new moon initiate far reaching changes in our lives. This is a time of letting go of old ways, and old patterns. Ask for the change that you want to see, take steps to initiate that change, and be willing to accept what comes your way!

© July 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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