Psychic Jucy’s TarotSeek™  – Learn How to
Read Tarot Cards for Yourself, Volume 1

Author: Psychic Jucy (Abella Jucy Arthur)

Higher Mind Publications

Smashwords Edition v2.1


ISBN 978-0-9869636-0-5

TarotSeek ™ is intended to be a practical, hands-on how-to book for Tarot reading. It is in digital (i.e. e-book) format, which made me hesitate to review it. As a reviewer, it is easier for me to review print books. However, I read a review that Mary Nale did in the first issue of her wonderful e-magazine “Attune”, and decided that this was something that I wanted to look at. Mary emphasized that the method presented in this book opened up her readings for herself, which I think all readers need to address from time to time.

The focus is on objective self-Tarot readings, with a gentle note that all of the steps need to be followed. The steps are there for a reason – if you need to modify them, do so only after using the method as it is presented. (The last part is my thought, not the author’s.)

There is support offered with this system – a dedicated website (http://www.TarotSeek.com), the availability of purchasing live group training through the website, newsletter sign-up through the website, and a Face Book page (http://www.facebook.com/TarotSeek).

A few of the benefits connected with using this system (from the book):

  • Objective and unbiased self-Tarot readings.
  • No memorization of cards or layouts.
  • The ability to read the cards immediately, with accuracy.
  • Learning the bare essentials of Tarot.
  • Mastering a special topic in Tarot.
  • Improving your connection with any Tafrot deck.
  • On-line support, coaching and feedback.

The book is divided into seven sections:

Section One: Introduction, The Problem, The Solution, Who This Guide Is For, Getting Into TarotSeek, Book Organization and Mission

Section Two: About Tarot, Why Learn Tarot?, learning Tarot, Tarot Reading Considerations, Helpful Approaches

Section Three: The TarotSeek Story, Why Does TarotSeek Work?, Reasons To TarotSeek, When Is It Useful To TarotSeek?

Section Four: TarotSeek Essentials, Choosing A Deck, How To Shuffle The Cards, Selecting Cards, Storing and Protecting Your Deck

Section Five: Emotional Reactions and Considerations

Section Six: How To TarotSeek, Developing Self-Interview Questions, Key Words To Use When Asking Questions, Sample Questions, TarotSeek Prompts For Answering Questions, Self Interview Set Up

Section Seven: Interpretation, Analysis and Insights, Making Sense of It All, After the Reading

Appendixes include: Asking Questions Table, Minor Arcana Card Properties, Roman Numerals Conversion Table, Sample Session Tarot Cards, and Sample TarotSeek Sessions. There is a bibliography*, as well as a section on TarotSeek Resources and Opportunities.

*Note: There is a section entitled “Bibliography”, which only contains an explanation of why there is no bibliography included. I found this amusing, and insightful!

In her introduction, Arthur indicates that there are three TarotSeek guides/methods that complete the system, of which this is Volume 1. TarotSeek is seen as introducing the reader to a new physical system for reading the cards for the 21st century. The objective for Volume 1 is gaining objective and unbiased self-Tarot readings.

The Problem in reading for ones self is seen as that of emotional attachments, or of being too close to an issue. The Solution is seen as following the step by step guide presented within this book. The Guide is basically for anyone wishing to learn to read the Tarot for themselves. In this section it is also noted that there is a TarotSeek Community that has been set up for readers to share their thoughts, and their readings.

The information in this book is very straightforward and easy for any level of Tarot student to understand. I personally appreciated the reference to the Trionfi Tarot history site – I love the site, and have ever since it first crossed my path.

I am admittedly a very traditional Tarot person. I read the books, I work with the decks, I allow the information to flow. I learned early on that memorization was not the path of preference. The TarotSeek method takes t he reader beyond the traditional (which will always be my foundation for reading), and into working with the description of the cards – i.e. the card imagery. This seems to me to be very close to the method that Mary Greer uses, which she terms “dialoguing”. It also incorporates the essence of James Wanless’ (Voyager Tarot) work, in which images within the card bring out the wisdom of the reading. Intuition and creativity are heavily encouraged here.

Arthur notes that the system works because we are connecting with out own life experiences, as well as the collective unconscious, universal truths and archetypal energy. It is recommended to use a Rider-Waite style Tarot deck because of the imagery. I would say that each reader will want to choose a deck that appeals to them. Because of the nature of the TarotSeek system, the Marseilles style decks, which do not show imagery on the Minor Arcana (aside from the icons) would not be a good choice.

I found the section on constructing the question to be very well written, and very easy to follow. I also liked the suggestion that each reading session be focused on a single theme, area, or question. In my experience, this will lead to other questions, which can then be dealt with in a separate reading.

TarotSeek ™ is a workbook – i.e. a book to be worked with. It is self explanatory, and the movement between sections is seamless. I like the digital aspect, which allowed Arthur to place links to other appropriate sections within a section. Anyone, from any background or level of Tarot understanding, would be able to make use of this book. Take it out for a test drive, and see what you think!

I see this as foundation material. I fully expect there to be further work done, with this material as the basis.

© August 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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