Tarot Lovers’ Calendar 2012

Tarot Lovers’ Calendar 2012

Editor:  Major Tom Schick

Artists: various




The “Tarot Lovers’ Calendar 2012” is the tenth anniversary edition of this incredible, limited edition calendar. The front cover design, showing Pixie Smith (Pamela Coleman Smith) sitting in front of a Tarot spread is some of the finest work that I have ever seen. This is not a calendar that you toss out at the end of the year – it is one that you keep as a wonderful reference.

The calendar is spiral bound, 8” by 11 ½”. It showcases sample images (two cards each) from twelve different independently produced decks. Along with the images there is a short paragraph from the card designer, as well as design and purchase information. At the bottom of each page, and on the back page, are unique Tarot spreads. The calendar lists lunar and solar phases, which is a true bonus to those of us that work with them!


The artists for the 2012 calendar, along with the cards shown, are:


Victorian Trading Card Tarot © 2010 Marcia McCord  (Two of Pentacles, The Hermit)

Triomphes de Paris © 2011 Bertrand Saint Guillain (Soleil, Pape)

Animales Arcanum © 2011 Oephebia (The Empress, The Wheel of Fortune)

Tarot Stones © 2011 Robyn Tisch Hollander (2, 18, Queen, 9, XIII, XII)

The Incidental Tarot © 2011 Holly DeFount (The Empress, The Sun)

Diary of a Starseed Rebellion © 2011 Ash Abdullah (Female, Male)

Raven’s Fool Tarot © 2011 Vicky DeFrancesco (The Fool, The Moon)

The Wild Green Chagallian Tarot © 2010 Penelope Cline (Magician, Strength)

Simply Deep Tarot © 2011 Chanel Bayless and James Battersby (Two of Cups, The World)

The Ecliptic Tarot © 2011 The Ecliptic Tarot (Two of Cups, Devil)

The Rosetta Tarot © 2011 M.M. Meleen (The Devil, The Star)

The Sickly Tarot © 2007-2011 F. Raymond Sickly (Ego, Judgment)


The Tarot spreads are as follows:


Crows Eye View, by Caridwen

Problem Underfoot, by Erica Chmielewski

Luke’s Galaxy, by Luke Frayling

Personal Report Card, by WalesWoman (Deborah Ross)

The Breakfast Club, by Glass Owl

Say Hello and Goodby Solstice Spread, by IheartTarot (Helen Riding)

The Box, by Eowyn (from Chile)

Repetitive Card Spread, by Glass Owl

Caridwen’s Web, by Caridwen

Element’s Spread, by Rhiannon (Lisa Krough)

Me + You = Bridging The Gap, by marimorimo

Winter Solstice, by BodhiSeed

Lord of the Rings Spread, by Caridwen


Incredible calendar! Enjoy!


© August 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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