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Just a few notes to update what is going on in the Tarot world. I finally managed to get a Face Book page up on my new book, “Tarot, Birth Cards, and You” . I have two webinars coming up – On Saturday, August 27th, I will be doing a webinar with Mary Nale, and on September 21st I will be working with Linda Marson of “Global Spiritual Studies” . On Sunday, August 28th, I will be talking with Dax Carlisle of the Tarot Guild.

The first part of a four part interview with Tarot author/scholar/teacher Christine Payne-Towler (“The Underground Stream”) can be seen here.

I would also like to talk about two e-books that have recently come to my attention. The first e-book is “Psychic Jucy’s TarotSeek™ – Learn How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself, Volume 1”>“Psychic Jucy’s TarotSeek™ – Learn How to Read Tarot Cards for Yourself, Volume 1”, by Abella Jucy Arthur. More information can be found on her website.

The second e-book is one that I have not read yet myself, but I will be in the near future. It is “The Ultimate Guide To Tarot Card Meanings eBook”, by Biddy. I am very much looking forward to this book, which includes upright and reversed meanings for each of the cards, practical card interpretations, and Tarot tips and techniques.

Stay tuned on September 1st for an announcement about about a unique contest to win a signed copy of my book, “Tarot, Birth Cards, and You”. Everyone is welcome to submit an entry!

(c) August 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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