New Moon In Virgo

New Moon In Virgo on Sunday, August 28th. Whew – a bit of grounding amongst all of this other silliness that is going on astrologically! Virgo – the little organizer in life! Just what do you need to get organized? This is a really, really good time to do it! This is the time to analyze, to use that little critical thinking ability of yours. Focus on the day-to-day of life – this is where you can make the biggest impression right now.

The Virgo New Moon is also a good time to set goals that focus on Virgo energy – you might want to start a new project (especially good if this is an intricate, detail oriented project), start making a list of things that need to be done around the house (we are about to change seasons, and enter into Fall).

Don’t forget yourself – what do you need to do for you? How can you create a healthier, happier life? Where is your joy? What can you do to make your life flow better? Step out of your comfort zone – take out that big dream, dust it off, and act on it!

The changes that you can make at this time are only limited by your ability to envision them in your mind. This is the time to attend to the little details – to take care of the earthy, practical phases of life. Do this, and your stress level will go down!

© August 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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