September 2011 Full Moon In Pisces


Monday, September 12th, brings us the Full Moon in Pisces. Coming right after the remembrance connected with the tenth anniversary of 9/11, we are gifted with the opportunity to reconcile and let go of memories/shadows ghosting us from that day. Some of you will, I am sure, be saying “Bonnie, that was ten years ago! Get a life!” It was a life changing ten years ago, and we all need to remember that. History forgotten repeats itself.


Pisces brings with it a full sense of emotions. Opposite a Virgo Moon, we are looking at the pull between the need for order (to the point of perfection!), with a focus on the day to day of life, and the emotional/spiritual vision of Pisces. Bottom line – we need to be able to express our spiritual selves while maintaining control of our mundane, physical life.


Some of the things that we might want to look at this full moon are:


  • What is out of balance in my everyday life? What do I need to pay more attention to?
  • Where am I putting up too many boundaries/expectations? Am I suffocating myself, or those around me?
  • What in my environment (at work, or at home) needs to be physically “fixed”, or put into order?
  • What in my environment do I need to simply accept at this time?
  • What part of my life do I need to bring healing to? Why have I not healed?
  • What do I need to be compassionate about? Can I show compassion to myself? Can I show compassion to others?
  • Where can I organize my life so that it flows more easily?
  • Where can I begin to expand my thinking, and allow my emotions to surface?
  • What do I need to release, with compassion, at this time?


© September 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


3 comments on “September 2011 Full Moon In Pisces

  1. Hi, Bonnie! As a Pisces, life is already hard enough, lol! That is a great guideline to just keep it simple, real & focused. I love how you managed to bring our emotional tendencies into an easy segue till our next phase. We are natural people pleasers which can at times be our own undoing, but if we are able to construct healthy boundaries we can function at our peak level of productiveness. Great article!

    Love, Stacy

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  3. Stacy –

    Thanks for the kind words! And coming from a Pisces! I think setting up boundaries are hard for all signs, but especially so for Pisces. I am the opposite – as a Cappie, I bottle up my emotions. All sign have soemtign to work on! LOL


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