Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards

Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards

Author: Rev. Frances Munro
Illustrator: Peter Pracownik
U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
ISBN #978-1572-816916

The fairy and elf energies presented within this book were brought to Rev. Munro through his guide. Each energy was described in detail, including their personalities, colors associated with them, and how they should be portrayed. The author and her husband asked to be guided to right person to illustrate this deck, and were lead to Peter Pracownik, who not only has a great eye for detail, but a wonderful understanding of mythological and Earth spirits.

In her LWB (Little White Book), Rev. Munro talks about how to use this deck. There are 29 cards – 24 Green Working Wisdom cards, and 5 Gold Power cards. Three cards are selected from the Working Wisdom cards – they represent the main meaning of the reading. One card is drawn from the Gold Power cards – this card reinforces the power that the Seeker has to move forward.

Emphasis is given on the number of cards in the deck (29), and the ratio of the cards (24/5). The numbers 2 and 9 when added together come to 11, which is a powerful and magical number (a Master number). The number 5 is seen by the author as a significant recurring number in many religions.

In doing a reading, the Seeker is encouraged to go with their feelings, as opposed to interpreting the cards in a logical manner. The Seeker is also encouraged to make the cards personal to themselves by asking for a blessing on them. (A sample blessing is shared, but the Seeker could very well make one up to suit themselves.) Rev. Munro encourages anyone who will be using the cards to ask for a blessing on them.

Setting sacred space before doing a reading is also discussed. A very specific manner of working with the cards is suggested. A reversed card is said to indicate an important message. If two cards are picked together, it is suggested that both cards are relevant, and should be kept.

Each card is presented in text only in the LWB. The cards name, along with a short description of the energy, a wisdom saying from the energy involved, and what the energy means in the Seeker’s life is presented.

At the end of the book two sample readings are presented, so that the reader will get a sense of how the cards might be interpreted.

The card backs show a white border, surrounding a light green base color. In the center of the card is a “circle within a circle” of winged characters, surrounded by a border of mushroom-like images. The backs are reversible. The card faces show a white border, with a green banner at the bottom of the card, which carries the card title in black letters. The artwork is very woodland/fantasy, with strong colors and winged Fairies and Elves.

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Some of my favorite cards include Elfin Duke (one of the five Power cards), who is seen standing in the forest, a buck on his left hand side, and red topped mushrooms surrounding him. This energy works specifically with the heart chakra.
The Elm Tree Elf is seen kneeling in the forest, singing. He spreads elm leaves to stimulate growth where the forest is barren. The Fairy of Dawn Awakening is seen standing in a red dress, with a red sky behind her. She is a gentle, loving spirit. The Fairy of Evening Dusk is seen wearing a white dress, sitting on the ground, with her arms raised to the night sky. She brings a calm energy to the close of the day.

The Fairy of Golden Light is seen hovering in mid-air, in front of a white unicorn. She is called the unicorn’s friend. The Leprechaun is seen seated in the forest. He works to bring goodness tot he world. The Spirit of the Mighty Oak shows an Oak tree, with the tri-part symbol of the moon superimposed over it, a butterfly flying in front of it, and a white dove hovering over it. He brings order and joy to all who need it.

I found this a fascinating deck to read with – one that could be used by anyone with an open heart and open mind to the nature spirits.

© October 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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