Princes & Ogres

Princes & Ogres –
Integration of Psyche and Soul

Author: Don Mordasini
Millennial Mind Publishing
ISBN # 978-1-58982-825-4

Part of what life is all about is the connection between our psychological and our spiritual lives – how inter-dependent they are, and how we are co-creators of them. Mordasini is an interesting person – someone who has risen to the tops ranks of two totally non-connected professions. For many years he acted as a stock broker, eventually becoming Vice President of Dean Witter and Co. At mid-life Mordasini “hit the wall” both as a stock broker, and in his personal life. He then went on a psycho-spiritual quest that lead to him becoming a psychotherapist. He has trekked the Himalaya’s, studied ancient scriptures, and actively studied under the guidance of his spiritual teacher in India.

The primary mode of communication in this book is that of story-telling. Drawing on several different cultural and religious traditions, Mordasini weaves quite a story for his readers. His primary objective is to help his readers to reach their fullest potential. He notes that we have the potential to achieve our dreams, but that unconscious thoughts and emotions act as barriers to prevent us from achieving our dreams. These thoughts and emotions are the “ogre”, because they guard the entrance to the treasures within us.

Mordasini believes that we can accelerate our personal growth by blending the best of modern psychology with ancient spiritual wisdom. In this book you will find stories and poems from the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Judaic, American Indian and Islamic traditions, as well as the Desert Fathers. These are teamed with vignettes from modern times – stories that relate to Mordasini, his clients, or people that he knows. This makes it very easy to place the wisdom to work in the “real time” of the reader’s lives.

The format of this work follows a very easy to comprehend route: Mordasini first addresses how as individuals we perceive life, and how our perceptions shape our reality. He then moves on to how the Ego fear’s self-created changed (change that we bring about as individuals). And then into the infinite potential of the Self. We look at the Ego’s balancing act, and how to protect the ego from trickery and deception. Mordasini addresses raising our consciousness as individuals, the road to ultimate Good, and the reality of balancing Ego and God.

I found this book to be well researched, and well written. The stories and vignettes amplified the meaning of the concepts that were being discussed, so that the reader could see them on a “real life” basis. Anyone, from any cultural background, would be able to read this book and put it to work in their life.

© October 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

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