Scorpio New Moon



October 26th brings us the New Moon in Scorpio. A New Moon is all about new beginnings, the start of new projects, of being open to new ventures. Sooooo, what energy does Scorpio bring into this mix?

Some pretty passionate energy, I would say. We need to be aware of all of the resources that we have available to us … the people that we know, the experiences that we have had, the skills and abilities that we came into this lifetime with, the finances that we have available to us. Then we need to use focus and intent to put these resources to work for us.


Where is our attention best placed on this New Moon? On ourselves. Yes, we need to place our attention on ourselves. More precisely, we need to look at the areas we feel out of control in. We may be looking at financial, emotional or communication issues, or perhaps some other shadows that are holding us back. The process is to define the issue(s), embrace them, then release them.


After we do this, we need to take a look at what is missing from our life. And I do feel this is a second step – release the old, to make room for the new. Identify the black hole, identify what is missing, then act to bring that into your life. This is a time when we can make changes on both the physical and spiritual levels that will move us forward.


What is your life’s purpose? Do your thoughts and actions fit your path? Are all of your selves (mental, physical, spiritual and emotional) in alignment? Bottom line …. are you an important person in your own life?


© October 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


2 comments on “Scorpio New Moon

  1. Sharyn/AJ says:

    Quite simply, I’m taking new moon/dark moon = less is more, and doing a good clean up of my office desk. I can easily be spotted as one of those people who would shout at a would-be cleaner to ‘leave it alone, I know right where everything is’… but it isn’t a pretty sight and I recognize outward clutter, even if we imagine it is organized, = inward disconnect and ungroundedness. The rest of my house doesn’t look like this, so facing the truth of the new moon…less is indeed more.
    All the best, Sharyn

    Actually came by to see if you’d reviewed Tarot of the Holy Light and here I am reading your blog. Another sign…:)

  2. Sharyn –

    This particular New Moon is very much a time for personal activities such as this. My work area is very clear and uncluttered, but you might not want to open my drop top desk! It is scary in there! 😉


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