Visionary Shamanism

Visionary Shamanism –
Activating The Imaginal Cells
Of The Human Energy Field

Author: Linda Star Wolf, Anne Dillon
Foreword: Barbara Hand Clow
Bear & Company
ISBN #978-159143131-2

“Visionary Shamanism” presents an incredibly incisive look at where we are now, and how we need to get where we are going. A little background – Linda Star Wolf is, amongst other things, the creator of the Shamanic Breathwork process, and a spiritual granddaughter of Seneca Wolf Clan Grandmother Twylah Nitsch. She first came to my attention through the work that she did with Nicki Scully (Anubis Oracle Cards, Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt).

The accelerated pace of spiritual growth on this planet has reached a point where old social/spiritual structures are breaking down, and new “leadership”, or, more correctly, “stewardship” is needed. Star Wolf places great emphasis on the thought that this is the time when we are all being asked to awaken the shaman within for the purpose of reaching our full potential as individuals. In this book, Star Wolf and Dillon talk about healing the past, learning from the future, and awakening what they call the “imaginal cells” within each of us.

Learning from the future was a concept that caught my attention immediately. By living in the present we consciously create our future, yes, but why not access the future in order to learn from it. Imaginal cells are another interesting concept – they represent energies in our auric field of what has already happened, and what will happen. They are stored in the blueprint of the invisible world – essentially, a hologram of who our highest, best self is meant to be. By opening a channel to these cells we get a glimpse of the best that we can be. We also have the opportunity to prepare ourselves for the new world to come.

In her foreword, Barbara Hand Clow starts out by saying: “Visionary Shamanism is a clear and simple book about a very complex and thought-provoking idea – we must download information from the future to be totally present and fully embodied now.” She notes the work that both she and Star Wold have done with their own past lives to come to a better understanding of the work that they were meant to do. She then goes on to comment on accessing information from the future, noting that there are many individuals that will be resistant to this concept, but that she feels that the time is right to explore this possibility. By accessing our future selves, we open up the option of choosing the future that we wish to have. The foreword ends with an interesting thought – “Use this book to tune into the imaginal cells within yourself, because they are the deepest wisdom in the core of your soul, which vibrates eternally in the very center of your heart.”

Star Wolf graces this book with a great deal of background on her journey of walking between the worlds. Through story and anecdote, we see her family background, and the important part that her grandmother played in her spiritual development. She places emphasis on each of us being co-creators of our life with God. Star Wolf Talks about her studies with Grandmother Twyla, and her unique experience when she crossed over.

Star Wolf talks about the shamanic path of transformation, and how to access our imaginal cells – in our auric field that contains information about both past and future experiences. By accessing our future experiences, we gift ourselves with the choice of the future that we really want. She notes that as multidimensional beings, we have the ability to walk between the worlds, and to be aware of existing in many worlds at once. We have the ability to move our consciousness to integrate all of our worlds.

Star Wolf talks about shape-shifting our Family Tree into the Cosmic Tree of Life. Our Family Tree is our family of origin, and all of the issues that surrounds it. In releasing these issues, we shift to the more universal Tree of Life, which symbolizes humanity’s place in the universe. There is a great emphasis places on the Neteru, or Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. This is information that has been channeled through Star Wolf, largely on her journey’s to Egypt with Nicki Scully.

Included with this book is a CD entitled “Musical Journey”, by Matt Venuti. It is focused on the chakras, and acts to support reaching a higher level of consciousness.

The material in this book is presented through story and anecdote. It flows easily, and can be used by individuals of any religious or cultural background, and all levels of shamanic experience. I find it to be a very accessible tool of personal empowerment.

© December 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

2 comments on “Visionary Shamanism

  1. mary says:

    This is so on my list! Thank you for this detailed review….

  2. Mary –

    You;re welcome! I would be remiss if my reviews were not detailed! 😉


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