New Moon In Aquarius

On January 23rd we have two “happenings” – the beginning of the Chinese New Year (Year of the Water Dragon), and the New Moon in Aquarius. The Year of the Water Dragon brings us passion, and a need to be out there “doing thing”. The Water element adds enough of a tone to the passionate element of Fire in the Dragon that the risks we take will be, for the most part, calculated.

Aquarius brings with it the theme of seeking knowledge and experiences. Convention will be set aside so that the new and unique has room to shine. It is a time to put down the foundation for creative projects that push the envelope, that will take you into some very unfamiliar territory. Be willing to walk you talk, and stand behind your work! We are moving away from the Capricorn need for structure, and into the Aquarius need for individual freedom of thought and expression.

During this New Moon we will have the ability to see the bigger picture – to see things with greater clarity, to move into the collective unconcious. This may well help us to settle issues that are shadowing us that we have not been able to put to rest.

What questions might we want to look at this New Moon?

  1. What am I passionate about at this time?
  2. Where and how do I want to express that passion?
  3. What new avenues do I want to explore?
  4. How do the new avenues of exploration fit into my life path?
  5. What old issues need to be revisited, wrapped  up, and released?

What a great start to the new year!

© January 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

2 comments on “New Moon In Aquarius

  1. Another great post of yours, Bonnie! I have pulled one card for every question from my RWS and ended up with a really deep reading! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lena –

    I love it when people work with my questions! 🙂


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