The Fortune Formula – Having It All

James Wanless, Ph.D. (creator of the renowned “Voyager Tarot”) brings us an astounding CD on manifestation, inspired by the Fortune card in the “Voyager Tarot”! Included are two meditation journeys: “The Fortune Formula: Having It All! The Golden Rules of Manifestation Magic”, and “The Fortune Instinct: Having it All Naturally!”. We all know in our hearts that we need to live our life purpose in order to be happy and successful. This is how these journey’s are meant function – to act as inspiration to live our life purpose, so that we may experience happiness, health, and abundance. We are helping ourselves, while at the same time reaching out to help the world around us.

The first guided journey presents the Ten Golden Rules of Fortune creation. We learn how to activate our whole self – mind, heart, body, and spirit. Wanless tells us that success means having it all! That we need to embrace the Fortune Formula and activate it within us. In living by these ten golden rules we ARE the Wizard of Wisdom!

We have the power and magic within us to turn our own desires and dreams into reality. Wanless takes us into the journey by straightening our backs – whether we are seated or laying down. In this manner we experience optimal awareness and energy. We close our eyes, and take deep breaths to ground and center ourselves, as well as quieting our minds.

We are going to create and sustain a magical life! We are going to:

1. Experience the highest expression of ourselves.
2. Feel our heart’s desire, and allow our passions to bring our aspirations to life.
3. Make use of the power of our imagination – always picturing this in a golden light.
4. Believe in ourselves and our abilities.
5. Share our joy ofachievement with the world.
6. Consciously thank the Universe for the gifts and opportunities coming to us.
7. Ask the Universe for help – know that we are a channel for creative life flow.
8. Act – physically act out our visualizations.
9. Remain open – be open to receiving abundance and opportunities.
10. Surrender – know that we are a magnet being inevitably drawn to what we were meant to be.

Surrendering to the journey is the destination!

This CD is meant to act as an activation. The Magical Formula needs to be repeated and repeated for best results. Trust in the mystery!

Dance on the continuous turning of the Fortune Wheel of Life!

The second journey is “The Fortune Instinct – Having It All Naturally”. This part of the CD is meant to help us activate a life that is whole and sustainable – to live out our unique talents and potentials, to fulfill our personal destiny. We are reconnecting with our natural state of abundance.

Working with Fortune Vision, Wanles covers the concept that if we can picture something in our inner eye, we are it! Working with Fortune Feeling, we surround ourselves with the golden light, feeling how it brings us great joy and happiness. Here he also addresses how our vision serves the world, and how gthe Fortune Pull literally pulls us to our own destiny! He walks us through allowing ourselves to be receptive, and working with our intuitive instinct, emphasizing that at all times we need to live from a balanced state of equilibrium.

I found this MP3 download to be easy to download, and of excellent quality. Because my intent was to review the material, I did not allow myself to take the journey. Instead, I was an observer. I will certainly continue to work with this material, and activate its principles within myself. I recommend this for everyone who wants to do personal work on themselves, and who wants to manifest the life of their dreams!

The CD can be purchased here: The duration is one hour and seven minutes, with each meditation being approximately thirty minutes.

© January 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

3 comments on “The Fortune Formula – Having It All

  1. Do you need the Voyager Tarot to use the meditation? I don’t have the deck but I’m interested in the meditation.

  2. Stacey –

    No, the meditations are not connected with the “Voyager Tarot” at all. There is a sample of the meditation on the site – you might want to listen to that and see what you tink. 🙂


  3. […] and my review of The Fortune Formula – Having It All here I am very much looking forward to reading Sustainable Life, and working with his Sustainability […]

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