The Way of the Fool Tarot

The Way of the Fool Tarot
Artist: Beatriz Inglessis
Collector’s Edition

Beatriz Inglessis is a native Venezuelan that is currently living and working in Tokyo, Japan. She is currently working on a Doctorate of Fine Arts at the Tokyo University of the Arts. “The Way of the Fool Tarot” is a 22 card Majors only, Limited Edition (50) deck, reproduced from her Japanese woodblock print project. They are 2 ½” by 3 ½”, which is a very nice size for small hands like mine. There are two extra cards with the deck – one contains the card information, and is signed and numbered, while the second card shows the card back on both sides, and may be used to balance the cards when displaying them.

The cards backs carry the primary color of beige, with a darker circle in the center of the card, with a Sword and a Wand penetrating it. In the middle of the circle we see the icons for Pentacles and Cups. The card faces show a ¼” beige border, with the card number at the top in Roman numerals, and the card title along the bottom. The traditional names for the cards have been retained. There is a thin black border surrounding the image on each card.

The cards come in a gray cloth bag that folds over, and has a thin red cord that goes around it, with a small gold piece at the end. It has a very gracious look and feel to it. This is something that I find holds true with Indie authors/artists – they go out of their way to make presentation memorable and pleasurable!

A review from Paul Nagy can be seen here – I am including Paul’s review here because he is much better at discussing the artistic aspects of the cards than I am.

What I do know is that the artist tried to stay true to the intent of the card – I feel that she did a wonderful job! A retrospective of the cards can be seen here – . Videos showing the cards as poster size original prints can be seen here – Inglessis has done something that I have never seen done before, and that is to place the card images in a scroll format. This is absolutely amazing!

If I had my way, I would be presenting all 22 of these cards! The reality is that I can only present a few. The Fool would be the first one that I would talk about. I love the simplicity – the gray cliff, the white animal companion in the foreground, and the Fool himself, about to walk off the cliff, as he looks backwards. It appears that he is carrying a backpack, rather than the typical wallet at the end of a stick. The sky is a vivid orange, with the sun noted in black outline in the upper right hand side of the card.

The High Priestess is featured seated, etched in white with a black background. A full moon is featured behind her, against a blue background.

Justice shows a female figure, appearing to wear a veil over the lower part of her face, with the scales of justice balanced on her head. The background color here is a light purple.

Strength shows a woman in black, seated, with an animal in front of her, and a lemnescate over her head. The background color for this card is a beautiful peach.

For me, the cards are minimalist, and they flow well. The archetypal energy of each card stands true, and they can be read with easily. There is excellent use of both space and color – nothing is overwhelming.

For those that have not worked with a wood cut based deck before, this deck is a treat! For those that have, this deck is a treat! It is a deck that both Tarot collectors, those interested in Tarot art, and those simply interested in a beautiful deck will want to check out!

The deck can be purchased here:

© January 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

7 comments on “The Way of the Fool Tarot

  1. Edgar Danmer says:

    Quite an intriguing collection. It is interesting to know that you would begin the deck with the Fool card, as it seems like the Fool for me is the last card in the Major Arcana, as it is the beginning of the Journey as the individual has gone through the process of initiation, though the previous 21 cards of the Major Arcana, after completing that process, she can stand on her own two feet. The Tarot seems to lend itself to building ones own direct link with what the Tarot means.

    There is something very fresh about this deck, its like there is a juxtaposition for me in the design, subtle traditional overtones and a direct modern ambience. The videos were good to watch. Thanks Bonnie.

  2. Edgar –

    I see the Fool as the one who is taking the journey. As such, he is also the one who achieves individuation. So, he can be placed as Zero, or as 22, or as both. 😉 Beatriz did outstanding work here. Remember, she is working with wood block cuts!

    I loved the videos too – but I really love the pics of her standing by the poster sized cards, and how she had them arranged. Magical!


  3. I’ve been going on and on on how much i like this deck’s artwork! Its a pearl – and it particularly stands out in the comparison with all the late cartoon-ish and (overly) naïve decks! Also, for Europe and particularly for Moscow where i buy most of the decks – the price is more than decent!
    And your reviews are special, Bonnie – i always made the right choice when i followed your advice!

    • Lena –

      This deck is just so amazing! Think about what it is – a woodblock deck! An incredible amount of work and thought went into this. I love the videos that Beatriz did of the deck and the process – we get to see things that we normally do not see. I have not seen something like this since I was reviewing Jean-Claude Flornoy’s work (

      it is also good to hear that you enjoy my reviews! 🙂


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