Review – Oracle of Shadows & Light

Oracle of Shadows & Light

Author: Lucy Cavendish
Artist: Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Simon Pulse/Beyond Worlds
ISBN #978-1-58270-305-3

“No more shall the strangelings hide
in the shadows! Welcome to their
mysterious world of magick and beauty,
where dreams are stranger than reality,
but-oh-so-likely to come true when you
awaken your own power.”
~ Quote from the bottom of the box.

“Oracle of Shadows & Light” is a 45 card oracle based on the wisdom of faeries, spirits, ghosts, angels, ancients, witches, entities, mermaids, and historic beings, and comes with a 160 page guidebook. The very first thing that I noted about this deck is that these whimsical little people have Attitude with a capitol “A”! Very different, very unique, very appealing!

The book and deck come packaged in a heavy duty cardboard box with a lift off top. Yay on both counts! The figure on the front of the box shows an image of the Storm Angel, while the bottom of the box shows background information about the deck. The intent of the deck is given as: “Discover answers to all of your questions, big or small. Develop your inner strength, intuition, and find happiness and belief in the unique and amazing individual you are.” This deck does come through with its promises!

In her introduction, Cavendish writes that this deck is “Wisdom for misfits, mystics, seekers, and wanderers.” Bring it on! She writes that some of the most spiritual beings ever are those that have been most at odds with the proverbial “mainstream”. In this deck, you are being asked to step out of the shadows and consult with an oracle that acknowledges your individuality and your strange genius. Be prepared, because the beings in this deck are also coming from their very own hidden realms. Their wisdom has come to us in storied, history, faery tales, and folklore. They are as real and powerful as what Cavendish terms “the glorious ones of the celestial realms”.

Cavendish writes that this oracle embraces those who have long felt that they had no home – it seeks out the “strangelings”, the in-betweeners who have seen it all, and want to share their wisdom with you. From the book: “They will ask you to look at what you may have been afraid of, and you will discover that you too have been frightened of beings and people and parts of yourself that in truth are beautiful in their own wild ways. They will ask you to work with the whole of yourself, for in that way, you will become the unique and amazing individual you are.”

In her comments on how to approach the oracle, Cavendish notes: Know that you are in sacred space when you address the oracle, and act accordingly. Hold your questions in your mind, and ask for the truth to be known. When the oracle speaks, know that you are between the worlds – there is no past, present, or future. Everything is pure energy, and can be rewoven in the oracular moment. The purpose of divination is to connect us with a source of clear guidance that originates outside of ourselves, and takes us into the Universal Self.

Several spreads are presented, including the four card Hidden and Revealed Spread, the five card Star of Love Spread, and the five card Solve-a-Problem Spread.

The cards are presented with a small black and white scan, the cards name, background on the card, the card speaking, and the divination message.

  1. The cards are 3 3/4″ by 5 1/2″, on glossy card stock. The card backs show a golden cord-like border, a black inner border, and a golden center, with the image of an ornate lock. The card backs are not reversible.

The card faces show a golden cord-like border. The card number is centered at the top of the card, with the card name in large letters at the bottom of the card. Under the card name, in smaller lettersm is the card message.






Faceless Ghosts and the Haunted Girl shows a dark haired female figure in a red dress. On either side of her, facing her, are two masked ghosts. The message for this card is “Ghost people”. The Ghost people take on any energy form that they find.










Storm Angel shows a young, light haired girl, dressed in energy, with energy crackling around her. The message for this card is “Collision of beliefs, styles, attitudes, energies”.








Two Little Witches shows two young witches, with high black hats, and green striped shirts, holding a broom. The message is “Magickal space-clearing time”.








Shallow Grave shows a young, dark haired girl, wearing a red top and black and white striped leggings seated next to a skeleton. The message is “You miss someone”.








Violet Angel shows a young angel, wearing aviolet dress, with violet wings. The message is “Breaking dawn”.










Marie Masquerade shows a light haired female figure, wearing a green ball gown. The message is “Glamour, intrigue, drama.








I Am Kali shows a blue skinned female figure, wearing skeleton heads as a necklace. In the middle of her forehead we see a red jewel. The message here is “From death comes rebirth”.








Out Trick-Or=Treating shows a young girl with red stripes in her dark hair. To her left we see a lit jack-o-lantern, to he right we see a skeleton head. The message is “We’re heee-eere!”.








Fairy of the Divine Hand shows a young girl with light hair with a black stripe in it. Over her left shoulder we see a set of eyes. Her right hand is held over her right eye, with the eye showing in the palm of her hand. The message is “Intoxication, distorted view, overindulgence”.




I love this deck! The imagery is very whimsical in nature, and just draws you right in! Okay – the eyes draw you in! Through the eyes, we see the attitude that each figure holds. And there is a lot of attitude in this deck! It is great for reading (for yourself, or for someone else), but I also feel that it can be used for meditation and visualization. One caveat – be ready for the answers this deck will give you!

© May 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

12 comments on “Review – Oracle of Shadows & Light

  1. gregsdowning says:

    wow maybe a litle out there for me????

  2. Pip says:

    I have had this deck for over a year, and this must be the second printing because the backs of mine are different and the #2 card you show is not what I have; same meaning, different fairy and card name. Kali is also changed as is the maiden in Shallow Grave. I must say, except for #2, the new changes are nice.

    Still…I absolutely love this deck! “The Girls”, as I call them, never fail to tell it like it is, whether I really wanted to know it or not. 😉

    Dang…now I wonder if I should get the newer version, too. I wonder if the meanings in the book have changed or just the pictures?

    -Yep, checked; mine was published in 2010 by Blue Angel in Australia. 🙂

    • Pip –

      Had to check to make sure that I had that right! LOL Yes, I did have the publishing dates as 2010/2012. I never saw the first deck (that I can remember), but I do like this one.


  3. Ohh, love it!!! I had stopped reading oracles all together – but then you got me into King Solomon’s and Symbolon! (Btw love the latter, the former still can’t figure out.) I think i’ll be getting this one for the artwork, i do like it – albeit i think i won’t have too much time for it, like to practice with it for prolonged period of time. 😉 Apropos, i gave up on feeling guilty that i am not proficient with every single deck and oracle i have – some of them i keep in my collection for the artwork, yet sadly a lifetime is not enough to get to know them all really well.

    • Lena –

      I love oracles – they are a change of pace! 🙂 I know what you mean about the guilt of not working with every single deck/oracle that you have. I let my decks call me – and they do. I am given the urge to dig through things and get a specific deck out that I haven’t worked with in a long time, so I do. And some I do have just for the artwork. Love my cards! 🙂


  4. Just ventured back eventually – to re-read the review and drool over the images some more! 😉

  5. Hieu Beez says:

    Bonnie Cehovet Please tell me about the different from Oracle of Shadow and light #1 printing and #2 printing (2012).

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